Quacking Up

Posted April 23, 2011




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Meet Ciel, Inigo’s nephew, recently come to visit. Someone made him wear this duck suit…


Ciel: Quack-quack-quack-quack-quack –



       quack-quack-quack-quack-quack –



 quack-quack-quack-quack-quack – QUACKKK-quack-quack! –



Ciel: QUACKKK-quack-quack-quack! –

Washi: Oh Cielllllllll – I have something to show youuuuuuu



Ciel: Hey, Washi, ‘at’s a swell Easter basket you gots

Washi: It sure is, Master Ciel – what say let’s you and I divvy it up –

Ciel: Yeah! All this quackin’s made me HUNGWY!



Washi: Ah, jelly beans – the candy of God! Or at least the saints –

Ciel: Nothin’ better-tastin’n’ a choc’lit wabbit… **rustling foil**



Myrtle: What’s this, then, Washi – you holding out on me? And what’s with your little fat’n fuzzy friend, huh?

Ciel: *startled* Wha’? I’m NOT fat!

Washi: Now, now, Myrtle, we were just enjoying a little snack –



Myrtle: You won’t be fat if you’ll hand over the chocolate rabbits, tout suite – and the beans and eggs, while you’re at it –

Ciel: Nuh-UH! Dis is MY choc’lit wabbitgo’way!

Washi: We’re willing to share, Myrt; there’s plenty for all –



Myrtle: I’ve got FIVE good reasons here for you to give it ALL to ME – **brandishes fist**



Myrtle: Gimme that rabbit, NOW! *grab*

Ciel: Nnnnnnooooooo *grunt* –

Washi: Let go of Ciel’s rabbit, Myrt! Stop it, stop it, I say –



Little Tabitha: BAAAD, BAAAAD ELF!!! You stop dat, WIGHT NOW!

Myrtle: Huh? What? Oh, it’s YOU –

Washi: Tabby, thank goodness you came along – she’s gone mad!

Ciel: Don’ let her take my wabbit… *sniff*

Little Tabitha: You heawd me – STOPPIT!

Myrtle: And what if I DON’T, huh?



Myrtle: *grunt* You’re squashin’ me *oof* –

Little Tabitha: Quiet, you! I’m twyin’ to eat my chock’lit egg – **bop**

Washi: Oh Tabby, maybe we could spare her this little jelly bean, hm? –

Ciel: *woozy* I’m – I’m not feelin’ so good *urp*…



For once Tabitha’s elf antipathy was a good thing!


We can’t let this holiday pass unacknowledged, since there’s so many of them here –



MOM’S the Word!



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