MOM’S the Word!

(More resin moms who’ve joined the beamlette crew)

Posted May 8, 2011




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Since Mother’s Day 2010 (Reflecting on the Moms in My BJD World), the House of Beamlette has welcomed more mothers into the fold, typical and otherwise, starting with –


The glamorous, stylish and energetic Marjolaine Lauvergeon – seen with her sons, Hippolyte and Tancredi


 (Marjolaine is a tan Spiritdoll Freesia.)



Ruth Costello Kielbaugh, Alma Kielbaugh’s mom –


 (Ruth is a Dollmore Model Eva Louise head on a Dollmore Eve body.)



Although we first met her a couple years ago, Janet Tait Halloran, Fenchurch’s mom, returns with Fen’s little half-brother, Linux Halloran –


 (Linux is a Bluefairy Tinyfairy Jimmy.)



Summer Brickell, Easton’s mother, a New Age-y type, and occasional squeeze of Randall Amick


 (Summer is a Dollcatch Stella head on a Type 2 AoD body.)



Tamara Wanamaker, yet another of Randall’s squeezes, and mom to Fidel Wanamaker –


 (Tamara is a Domuya Faith.)



Although she’s not resin like her daughters, we can’t forget the Sparrows’ mom, Imperious Jade!


 (Imperious Jade is an Integrity Fashion Royalty “Fierce Subject” Kyori Sato.)



And then there’s Boudicca and Isambard’s mother, Deirdre Gladwell (Basil’s sister, a Dollmore Haneol Moon head on Soom Super Gem girl body)…


Deirdre: Now, Isambard, have you been seeing any nice girls here, or just those slutty ones like around London?

Isambard: Eh, Mum, that depends –

Boudicca: *low voice* Yes, on Mum’s definition of “slutty” – which is quite “broad”, pardon the pun –



Deirdre: Depends on what, my darling son? Do be forthcoming, so as to save me the time researching for myself.

Isambard: Errrrrm… I’ve met a few birds here’n’there, Mum, but no one worth the proverbial writing-home about –

Boudicca: *low voice* She adores “researching”, and will do it anyway, so save your breath, Isambard… save your breath…



Deirdre: Boudicca dear, DO stop that mumbling whilst I’m trying to talk to your brother. What is it that you insist on telling us, then?

Boudicca: Just that you’ll be disappointed to find Isambard hasn’t been looking for a girl like YOU, Mum, hahaha!



Deidre: Nor has he been looking for a girl like YOU, darling, lest you flatter yourself!

Boudicca: Oh, touché, Mum! Though at least that girl wouldn’t be a terminal nag *smirk*.

Isambard: And I was hopin’ to avoid incest altogether, for sure *snerk*.



A last look at Deirdre – who will drive anyone batty – even bats! *squeeeeet*

Deirdre: Disregard the opinions of vermin hmph!



I imagine there are many who can empathize with Boudicca and Isambard


May is also Kentucky Derby month, and is of interest to certain folks around here –



The Sport of Kings – and *Queens*!



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