The Sport of Kings – and *Queens*!

Posted May 10, 2011




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BTW, The Horse, introduced in this previous story (A Horse Is a Horse Is a Horse...), now has a name – Steely Dan – and is owned by Basil Sinclair…


Basil: Here now, somethin’ worth watchin’ on the telly – the Yanks’ Kentucky Derby! *click*



Basil: What, ho, Steely – so you’re joinin’ us in time for the race! Capital, my dark beauty – **skritches horse**

Steely Dan: M-hm… the TV in my stable is a 14-incher… I can only watch it with one eye or the other…gets tiring…

Persephone: **sound of clicking keys** (to Pete) “… the one thing I have a marginal interest in common with my sire is horses – and horse races – so we happen to be watching the Kentucky Derby – in the same room. Would it surprise you if I told you Pater’s horse has joined us, as well? Perhaps not, since I’m sure you recall the tales I’ve related to you about this household – this instance is quite tame in comparison…”



Basil: Steely-lad, who’s yer favorite for this race, then? I’m a believer for Archarcharch, even though they gave ‘im th’ shaft wi’ that startin’ position. Reminds me o’ my dad, whose name was Archie… I’m daft like that sometimes. **swigs beer**

Steely Dan: You old softy… myself, I’m leaning towards Dialed In



Persephone: Hmmm… and by what criteria do you base this choice on, Steely Dan?



Steely Dan: I dated his mother… and she was a mighty fine runner, when motivated…if you catch my drift… *wink*



Persephone: Is that so? I admit he has some easy odds – though I was leaning towards Nehro, as a little more sporting, but still safe –



Steely Dan: I played poker with his dad… he cheated, used to hide cards in his feed bag… *snort*



Persephone: To use the vernacular, you dish the dirt, Dan! Still – I stand by my choice of horses, and we shall see how it plays out –



Basil: Heh, I brought some nice apples for you, lad – have a nosh?

Steely Dan: I’ll pass… fruit’s not my favorite thing right now…



Steely Dan: …starting with THIS one! *whinny*

Waramon: Hello, all, I hope I’m not too late for viewing the race! *beaming*

Basil: Well if it isn’t me Poofter son, come to watch wi’ us – though I never knew ye t’be on time fer anything, including yer own birth!

Persephone: Mater claims he was fashionably late – but then, she is his greatest apologist –



Waramon: I wanted to be well-dressed for the occasion, and had to look high and low to find this sweet chapeau – I misplaced it, imagine!

Basil: Aye, just like ye misplaced yer manhood –

Steely Dan: Among other things he does with it…



Waramon: Don’t be such a silly – hats are a great tradition at the races. I was also inspired by the recent Royal wedding, and the fascinators that were all the rage… this is MY fascinator!



Basil: Is that wot they call ‘em, then – in your case, ‘tis more like a spectacle! *munch*



Persephone: How perceptive of you, Pater – I thought the same thing when I saw Princess Eugenie’s so-called fascinator – and now it has a Facebook page –



Waramon: Oh yes, I had heard that! Let’s do click the “like” button, shall we? And while you’re there, dear Persephone, create a page for MY fascinator!

Persephone: Hold your proverbial horses, Brother – my wagers come first –

Basil: Wot th’ – Animal Kingdom’s th’ winner!



Basil: If that don’t take the biscuit – eh, well, easy come, easy go – too bad my pick did a mischief to himself

Steely Dan: Looks like the end of Archarcharch’s racing days…as for Dialed In, he lived up to HIS name! *snort*

Persephone: Nehro, my Nehro – always the bridesmaid, never the bride – **shuts laptop**

Waramon: A pity – I, however, view myself as a clear winner! *wink*



Despite the losers’ doom and gloom, Waramon remains irrepressible – no surprise!


A little doom and gloom hangs over our next story’s protagonist, despite the backdrop of glorious spring flowers…



6pm in the Garden of Good and Evil



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