A Horse Is a Horse Is a Horse Of Course, Unless…

Posted January 30, 2011




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The horse is on the SOFA! As usual, BF Carl is responsible, and from there, a sort of story…


In front, l. to r., Leo (Volks F-39); The Horse (by Secret Loft Designs); Orson (Volks Michele); Fenchurch (Happydoll Marin). Seated on sofa back, l. to r., Chance (Volks Isao); Quade (Volks Shiro), and Young Shulamith (Volks MSD F-09).



Quade: Why did Ms. Beamlette get a HORSE? That’s such a girly thing – like a guy’s gonna wanna ride a horse –



Orson: I – I think he’s a nice horse **gently strokes**… I’ve never been near a real horse before… *smile*



Fenchurch: Would you like to try sitting on him, Orson? He’s a really nice, gentle horse – I’ll help you –



Leo: I rode a horse, long time ago – eh, it was prob’ly more of a pony, haha! G’wan, try it, Orson –



Chance: Doesn’t look like horses are just for girls, Quade – I mean, what about cowboys, and the Old West? They weren’t exactly riding Segways, you know –



Young Shulamith: *to self*… not that Segways make any sense NOW – though it makes it easy to pick their pockets when those people fall off ‘em



Fenchurch: Yeah, Quade, what’s with this girly business about horses? Like Chance says, before cars, a lot of men rode horses, and not just for fun, either –

Quade: Yeah, yeah, you made your point, but that was then, this is now, and horses’re all girly-fyed, ‘cause guys found something BETTER to ride – I mean, what’s with the kitty ears? I rest my case *snerk*!

Chance: Don’t listen to Quade, guys – if you want to ride the horse, go ahead. He just likes to talk –



Quade: Well YEE-HAW and GIDDYAP! If it’n’t Wild Bill Orson, on a kitty-eared horse!

Fenchurch: Don’t mind him, Orson – you’re doing fine –

The Horse: *thinking* I kinda like the kitty ears… just don’t use the word “giddyap” around me, that’s all…



Fenchurch: Are you feeling okay, Orson? You don’t have to stay on any longer than you’re comfortable with –

Leo: Hey, you did better’n I thought you would – ride ‘em, cowboy!

Orson: … I’m fine… I, um – I like it better than I thought I would, too…



Quade: Get the kid a REAL saddle then! An’ while yer at it, take off the training wheels – just watch ya don’t get too close to the rear end, bwahaha!



The Horse: There’s more than ONE horse’s rear around here *snort*!



That’s one smart steed, no?


A long-promised visit gathers momentum, when this is issued –



An Invitation...



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