6pm in the Garden of Good and Evil

Posted May 19, 2011




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HipGerBartIrvStory 001

Hippolyte: Ah, Printempsow I love this sea-son…



HipGerBartIrvStory 003

Regardez les fleurs… ‘ow they bloom, even in this de-sert! I almost feel I am at ‘ome, à la maison de maman



HipGerBartIrvStory 009

Quel merveilleux, the stalk of the iris… grand’mère, she used to say these were the poor man’s orchid, though I think they are as noble as any fleur



HipGerBartIrvStory 012

…*sigh*…it is all at peace here, n’est pas? And yet, why cannot I to find the inner peace?...



HipGerBartIrvStory 016

…I – I feel that there is some-thing – some-thing about to ‘appen, and all that I can to do is wait for it…I may to suppose I brought it onto my-self; it would to seem inescapable…



HipGerBartIrvStory 021

…yet, I could not to stay at the Seminary; I could not! And af-ter all, who is to say any-one may to find me ici



HipGerBartIrvStory 023

Gérôme: If I can to find you, Hippolyte, then you may to rest assured Père Barthèlèmy, ‘e shall find you!



HipGerBartIrvStory 025

Hippolyte: Gérôme! What brings you ‘ere, so far ouest?

Gérôme: Be-sides the u-sual avion, vous! I ‘oped for to find you before ‘is arrivée, to warn you that Père, ‘e is hot on your trail –



HipGerBartIrvStory 029

Hippolyte: Oh! An’ all this time, I was more the worried what ma maman would do when she realize I ‘ave left the Seminary –

Gérôme: Père Barthèlèmy, when ‘e dis-cover you are gone, ‘e went on the rampage! ‘E de-clare that ‘e shall not rest un-til ‘e bring you back to the Seminary. It was most dramatique!



HipGerBartIrvStory 031

Hippolyte: Père, ‘e missed me that much? An’ I thought I was most un-ob-trusivecomme une little mouse –

Gérôme: As un-ob-trusive as a little white mouse among the gray ones can be! Non, you were Père’s little pet –

Hippolyte: I ‘ad no idée I was such a thing – ‘ow is it that no one seemed to ‘old that against me?

Gérôme: I would to suppose be-cause you did not to know, an’ you ne-ver used it against any-one. You are most kind, and unaffected – that is why I came. Aussi, I grow weary of the Seminary…



HipGerBartIrvStory 032

Hippolyte: Well then… I wonder, ‘ow much longer we are to ‘ave un-til Père find us? *shudder*

Gérôme: I – I wish that I knew, ami – there are SO many things I want to do, an’ I can-not to decide what first! *sigh*

Hippolyte: An’ ‘ere we sit in the City of Sinc’est dommage, n’est pas?


A pity, indeed – as the good Father is not far from here, though he has run up against an obstacle of sorts…



HipGerBartIrvStory 040

Father Barthèlèmy: I ’ave come for the strayed lamb! Someone say ‘e is to be found in this maison. Do not to stop me, monsieur! An’ control le chien, aussi

Irving: OK, OK, settle down there, Padre!

Lucifer: Woof!!!



HipGerBartIrvStory 042

Irving: You gotta admit it looks pretty suspicious, your beatin’ on that door. We don’t take kindly to people bustin’ in around here –

Lucifer: *can I bite him in the crotch now?canIcanI?*  Grrrrr….



HipGerBartIrvStory 043

Father Barthèlèmy: By our most ‘oly book, I swear that I am no lowly thief come to take your petty material goods! I come only for a wayward student of my seminary, who must to brought back to the fold – *glowering*



HipGerBartIrvStory 045

Irving: Uh-huh – nice pitch, Padre. Little piece of advice – no one around here uses that door. You’ll have better luck with the one over the other side, OK? C’mon, Lucifer – **tugs leash**

Lucifer: *lemmebite’imbit’imbite’im!* Grrrrr

Father Barthèlèmy: Ah… ver-ry well, then, Monsieur – Dieu et moi give thanks to you for your ad-vice –



HipGerBartIrvStory 051

Father Barthèlèmy: *to self* Soon…very soon, Hippolyte, I shall bring you back to where you belong, an’ Dieu et moi, we shall to show you the price you pay for your trespass!



HipGerBartIrvStory 054

Irving: *to self* Crazy fool… I see a lotta crazies in my line’a business, but he sits right up there in his own high chair! Man o’god, mah foot…



This isn’t the last we’ll see of the good Father – or of Irving and his faithful watchdog, Lucifer…


 Speaking of fathers, it’s time again for Father’s Day!



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