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On This Father’s Day

Posted June 19, 2011




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The House of Beamlette has added a few more dads since last year, and so we present them on their special day…


(And a link to last year’s post: In Honor of Father's Day )


Alma’s stepfather Gray Kielbaugh, and father to her younger half-siblings, Daria and Leo – they all say he’s the BEST father in the world (and he is; adopting Alma when he married Ruth; hard-working and always there for his family) –


(Gray is a Luts SD Abadon, with face-up by Christy Allum; Daria is a Volks SD16 Pearl head on SD13 body; Leo is a Volks SD10 FCS Sunlight F-39, with face-up by me.)



Irsfeld Halloran, father to Linux, husband to Janet Tait, and stepdad to Fenchurch. He’s been Janet’s partner in their gemstone business for years; recently they took the marital plunge. He’s a devoted dad, who can quiet fussy little Linux’s crying with a softly-crooned rendition of “It’s Only a Paper Moon” –


Irsfeld: *low voice*

…It's a Barnum and Bailey world
Just as phony as it can be
But it wouldn't be make-believe
If you believed in me…


(Irsfeld is an old-style WS Hound with a Tensiya face-up.)



Then there’s Tancredi’s Uncle Verdigris Lauvergeon, younger brother to Marjolaine, and father to 16-year Cunégonde, who, not surprisingly, is FAR from consoled by HER father’s croonings!


Verdigris: Ah, ma petite fille, smile for ze ca-mera, s’il vous plait!

Cunégonde: Only eef you LEAVE ze pic-ture, papa! I am em-bar-rassed enough as eet ees *hmph*.

(Verdigris is an old-style Dollshe tan IM Hound, with face-up and styling by SDink; Cunégonde is a tan Impldoll Tdelia on the Model body.)


From time to time, Shulamith’s father, Stefan Grigore, makes an appearance; no doubt he wants something –


Stefan: So, girl, how about a smile for your father, then? And a little cut’a yer take would sweeten my day even more, heh

Shulamith: A smile’s too much work. Take the money and go, the sooner, the better.

Stefan: Ain’t you the sentimental one! An’ earned your noogies, too **applies knuckles**.

(Stefan is an Elfdoll limited edition tan K.)



Irving looks more cross than usual on this Father’s Day –


Irving: HMPH! I don’ see why mah boy can’t be HERE for Father’s Day!

Berenike: Now, now, it’s YOUR father and grandfather he’s visiting; they may not both be around come next Father’s Day, so let them have a little special time together.

Irving: Sometimes with MY job, I might not be here next Father’s Day, you ever think about that?

Berenike: Aren’t you being a little dramatic? Most of the time I see you behind a desk; looks pretty tame to me.

Irving: It’s WHO I work with I gotta keep an eye on, woman!

Berenike: Time to ask for hazard pay – eh, Lucifer?

Lucifer: Woof!



Moncrieff Sinclair is father to (l. to r.) Lytton, Antigone and Valentine; and brother to Basil and Deirdre. The embodiment of the phrase “absentminded professor,” he sometimes forgets he has three children – or ANY children, period!


Lytton: All I’m saying, Father, is that we’re not all cut out for university. Ask me later – maybe in ten, twenty years *shrug* –

Moncrieff: Oh? Er, well then, I suppose your brother and sister could use the money…

Antigone: Start saving your liquor money, Lyt! Don’t you touch MY uni fund! *snicker*

Valentine: *sigh* Father has probably misplaced ALL our funds…



Moncrieff: *distractedly* Now where did I put that paper?...



Lytton: *to self* Heh…I may have made a miscalculation here –



Antigone: Not to worry, Val; we’ve got a couple years to find the funds –

Valentine: Then… we’d better start looking now



Lytton: Gahhhh, my head hurts… I need a drink, NOW **scuttles away**.

Antigone: You keep an eye on Lytton, and I’ll look after Dad –

Valentine: Oh, but you’re better at dealing with Lytton… actually, you’re better at dealing with BOTH of them!

Antigone: Oh, all right then – but for that I should get a bigger cut!

Moncrieff: Ah… I think I found the paper… I think…hmmmm

(Lytton is a Dollshe Bermann head on a Hound body, with face-up by Christy Allum; Moncrieff is a Dollshe Bermann, and also plays Belshunu the vampire; Antigone is a Dollshe April Agace. Photo on Moncrieff’s desk is of my father *wink*.)


Happy Father’s Day!



Next we return to continue a story from two years ago, namely Alma and Easton’s Big Lunch Date…



The Price of a Good Lunch



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