The Price of a Good Lunch

Posted June 23, 2011




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Picking up from these 2009 stories:

   The Dating Game,

   Return Of The Semi-Native,

and from 2008:

   When Easton Met Alma,

   Some TRICKIN' and some TREATIN'



Easton: Looks like you’re a woman with a good appetite; I like that – though to me, it’s just rabbit food –

Alma: **dabs mouth with napkin** Well, I enjoy a nice salad, and it’s a balance to the pasta to come – I see you didn’t leave any of your “rabbit food” behind!

Easton: Well, I’m still a growing boy, so it’s all fair game *wink* –



Waitress: Your next course will be out shortly – and I trust the salads were all right?

Alma: Oh yes, thank you! The lettuce was so fresh and crisp, and the tomatoes flavorful.

Easton: You’re talking to the salad connoisseur, hon – she has me convinced, as you can see; the clean plate club here!



Alma: So, I’m exerting a positive influence, getting you to eat your vegetables?

Easton: Among other things – I think you have the potential to raise me to my potential –



Easton: A man needs motivation, and not just from the other guys around him. Women have a grasp of the details, the nuances of life –



Alma: And you don’t think that sounds like what a mother does, for both sexes of offspring? Do most men need a second, or third, or fourth mother in their lives?



Waitress: Here you go, pasta for two – enjoy!

Alma: Ah – thank you.

Easton: My thanks to the chef, and to you, dear, for serving so ably and amiably!

Waitress: I’ll be sure to let him know, sir! *chuckle*



Easton: And, back to your question, Alma – maybe some of us didn’t have the most instructive of mothers, so we look for what’s missing. Not that I’m putting down MY mother. She meant well, I figure, but she’s so New-Agey, airy-fairy; not exactly with the “real” world sometimes –



Alma: Well, I suppose we don’t learn everything we need to know from our mothers; there’s also our fathers’ influence in the mix –



Easton: That’s a sore point for me – my “dear old dad” is a piece of work! Though he’s got a way with women, just enough to keep most of ‘em guessing – well, except for my younger sister’s mom – excuse me, half-sister, as she never forgets to remind me. Her mom wised up and dumped him a long while back, not that it bothered him. And just to show how messed-up he is, he liked to pit me and my half-sister against each other, make us each think he liked the other better. Though I figure he really does like Fen best – not that she’s fooled by him for one minute. She’s a sharp cookie, I gotta say – kinda like you.



Alma: Those are quite the family dynamics –

Easton: Yeah, my family’s no Brady Bunch. But this lunch wasn’t supposed to be about me – I want to know more about Alma, and what makes her tick, and not just what I think I can guess about her *chuckle*.

Alma: I have two younger half-siblings. Happily, though, my mom and step-dad never pitted us against each other.

Easton: Lucky you – maybe that’s why even though you’re kinda like my half-sister, you’re more mellow – and you see the big picture.



Alma: *thinking* Besides this mother business, he has a thing for his sister – and he’s got me coming and going on BOTH points… whoa…



Waitress: Shall I take your plates now? And would you like to see our dessert tray this afternoon? We have some yummy specialties – tiramisu, cannolis, sorbets

Alma: Yes, please, I’m done now. I think I’ll skip dessert today, though; thank you.

Easton: Aren’t you a little curious, Alma? Remember, my treat, have the full dining experience –

Alma: Oh… gosh… hmmm…



Easton: Bring the tray over, hon; I’m thinking with some visual aids, we may make a sale here. By the way, what’s your favorite dessert?

Waitress: Well… I have a weakness for the tiramisu here; it has a nice light texture, with a lot of flavor. Though I won’t turn down the cannolis, either!

Easton: Sounding better and better; you’ve got me talked into dessert, at any rate *smile*.



Alma: The waitress isn’t the only salesperson here. I think you found my weakness, where sweets are concerned. Now I’ll have to make a decision!

Easton: Hey, if you want more than one, I’m glad to spring for it. I wouldn’t want you going away thinking Easton Brickell’s not a “brick”, haha!

Alma: And I don’t want you going away thinking Alma Kielbaugh’s taking advantage of a “brick”, Mister Brickell! One dessert is my limit, thank you.



Easton: You’re welcome, Ms. Kielbaugh… *thinking* Man… that’s it! She even looks like Fen. Is that creepy… or what?



Alma: *thinking* How much more research do I need to do for this paper… or want to do? In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess…



Alma’s no quitter; we know she’ll see this to the end; hopefully, not a bitter one.


Returning to the Williams Twins, we find their world is about to be rocked –



And Then Volks Created SD16 Woman



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