And Then Volks Created SD16 Woman

Posted June 28, 2011




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Warwick: Huhhhhh

Wessex: *thinks* Hm.



Wessex: *still thinking* We are brothers… twins… yet after all these years together, Warwick’s mental processes remain a complete mystery to me…



Warwick: *yawn* **stretch**… booooooored

Wessex: *thinking* He lacks so much mental furniture; is that the secret to his simple existence?...



Faye: Hello, boys – mind if I sit with you a while?

Wessex: **stands** You are most welcome! Let me introduce myself; I am Wessex Williams. And your name –

Warwick: Hubba-hubba!



Wessex: Warwick! Rise when a lady enters the room –

Warwick: That’s my name, don’t wear it out. Besides, I’m overcome with beauty here –



Faye: Now that’s some compliment, Warwick. Just for that, I’ll sit right next to you!

Warwick: Plenty of room – not that you’ll need much.

Wessex: Pardon my brother’s lack of graces, Miss – Miss – ?

Faye: Oh, I pardon him! And the name is Faye *giggle*.



Warwick: So.. what brings Faye here, besides a great pair of legs?

Wessex: **clutches pillow** !!!!!



Faye: Oh, a car… a plane… another car… no trains involved, though! But why does Warwick want to know, hm?



Warwick: Hey, I’m just a guy, and a guy has to have a pitch when a good-looking girl comes around if he’s gonna get somewhere with her –

Faye: Is that so? –



Faye: Maybe sometime I can give you a little lesson in pitches, to broaden your repertoire. Not that I don’t like your present style, but I would enjoy giving you the benefit of my experience –

Warwick: Sure… when does class start, Teach?



Faye: I’ve got to go now, do a little unpacking, settling in – but I’ll be sure to let you know when school’s in session. ‘Ta!

Warwick: Uh-huh – see ya

**Faye exits**



Wessex: I swear, you are a common lout, especially where the fair sex is concerned –

Warwick: Heh, you said “sex” –

Wessex: Don’t trivialize what I said! And I cannot understand how you managed to pique her interest, with your Neanderthal behavior –



Warwick: Hey, who am I to argue with Nature? When you got “it”, you got “it”, y’know?

Wessex: You are hopeless, is what you are! *groan*



Is someone *jealous*? And if so, which one?



Twins Vs. Triplets!



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