Twins Vs. Triplets!

Posted June 29, 2011




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Wessex: Perhaps this little walk will distract you from moping about Miss Faye –

Warwick: Who says I’m moping? **trudge**



Wessex: Here now, what is this poster about? *pauses*

Warwick: Dunno… so what?



Wessex: Aren’t you at all curious?

Warwick: No… should I be?



Wessex: It would seem to me to be at the very least an artistic statement of some sort, and most definitely eye-catching. Perhaps an advertisement for an exhibition – and note the mixture of styles: Goth, Japonaiserie, urban graffiti…I’m intrigued.

Warwick: Good for you… I’m not *yawn*.



Lead Cadet: Here now, are you the Williams Twins?

Second Cadet: Yeah, we’re lookin’ for a set of redheaded guys – and you fill the bill!

Warwick: So who wants to know?

Wessex: My brother, in his succinct manner of expression, is correct; who are you, and why do you seek us?



Lead Cadet: We are the Watanabe Triplets. I am Ichiro, and these are my brothers Jiro and Saburo. We have a serious issue with you Williamses

Jiro: As Ichiro says, serious! **shakes fist**



Warwick: I see only two of you cadidiots

Wessex: Yes – you seem to be missing your third sibling; Saburo, I presume?



Jiro: Wot th’ – HEY, SABURO!!!!! Get yer ass over here, NOW!!!

Ichiro: Don’t tell me he fell asleep, again!

Wessex: There’s dissention in their ranks, it would seem –

Warwick: Heh, it’s the Three Stooges…



Jiro: Ya dope! **backhands** And where’s yer coat’n’hat?

Saburo: Man… I just woke up; how should I know where they are? *groan* And why’d you wake me up, anyway… I was havin’ such a good dream –

Ichiro: No time for dreams, soldier; we have a mission – defending the honor of one of our womenfolk! Are you with us?



Saburo: Oh – you mean, someone else’s gonna get pummeled for a change, instead of ME?

Jiro: Hoo-yeah! It’s three of us agin’ those two gingers! **makes fist** I like them odds!

Ichiro: Exactly as Jiro said – these two have been sniffing around our Faye, so it behooves us to act, swiftly and surely –

Saburo: Heck yeah, count me in! *beaming*




Ichiro: All right, men, prepare to strike –

Saburo: I’ve got a fist for each of them!

Jiro: Yeah, we’ll show these pretty boys ya don’t mess with the Watanabes *grin*!



Wessex: Suddenly, they seem more organized, to our detriment –

Warwick: Like a pack of ankle-bitin’ terriers –



Faye: Down, boys! No need to go all Yakuza on my friends there –



Ichiro: Oh – Faye-san! Pardon, we thought they meant to dishonor you –

Saburo: – so we were just upholding the family honor, is all

Jiro: – and catchin’ up on our pummeling! Gotta keep in practice, y’know

Wessex: Ah, most timely of you, Miss Faye – thus preventing any unnecessary violence and bloodshed for all concerned –

Warwick: Eh, we could’ve taken these shrimps easily *snort*.



Faye: Now, boys, as my great-uncles, that’s very sweet and old-fashioned of you to care **pats shoulders**. I always loved hearing the stories my grandfather used to tell about his older brothers in your cadet days; he really looked up to you. My nephew and niece warned me about the Spatial Anomaly at this house, so I wasn’t as surprised to find you all here – though I didn’t expect this kind of enthusiasm –



Faye: I’m flattered at the attention, boys; however, you don’t have to worry about ME. I can take care of myself, and have been for several years, without your assistance –

Ichiro: It is difficult to understand this new era and country we find ourselves in –

Jiro: There’s gotta be something we can get in a dust-up about –

Saburo: And here I was all set to be the one to DO the pummeling, for once **clenches fists**.



Faye: So, now that that’s cleared up, Warwick and I will be off to enjoy the rest of the day. See you around, and don’t get into too much trouble – though I can’t say the same for us *giggle*!

Ichiro: Yes, m’am! **at attention**

Jiro: Heh, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! **tips hat**



Ichiro: Away she goes, cutting a fine wake –

Jiro: Fine as any destroyer ever sailed *whistles*…

Wessex: ******!….

Saburo: Sorry, Big Red…welcome to MY world!



Will “good” – as in Wessex – ever triumph over “evil” – as in Warwick? Or, will one just move away?



~~Winged Victory~~



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