~~Winged Victory~~

Posted June 30, 2011




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Wessex: *thinking*… am I doing the right thing?...



…perhaps it was rash of me, suddenly deciding to move on to another household far away. Still, I must find out for myself if I can stand on my own two feet. Warwick has made it abundantly clear that this house – this state, for that matter, is not big enough for the both of us…



Warwick: Heya

Wessex: Hello, Warwick – come to say farewell?



Warwick: Yeah… and bring you a little goin’-away present, too –



Wessex: Oh – a model Spitfire plane – and radio-controlled, as well –

Warwick: Uh-huh… somethin’ to have fun with when you get where you’re goin’. Might be a field or a parkin’ lot nearby.



Wessex: What made you choose this? I had no idea you knew anything about what I like, or might want to do in my idle time –

Warwick: I don’t know a lot, but I know somethin about you…



Wessex: Yes… yes, it appears you do. Thank you, brother, for this thoughtful gesture; I shall think of you when I fly it –

Warwick: You’re welcome… glad you like it.



Wessex: *thinking* This – this is such a touching gesture. I – I hope I won’t regret leaving here – and leaving him



Warwick: *thinking* …after all, I got the girl. *snerk*



Eh, at least someone got something!


My vampires surprised me the other day, and in a nice way –



Vampire Waltz



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