Vampire Waltz

Posted June 30, 2011




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Look who I found dancing on the patio –


Arsinoë: Why so surprised? I have always danced down the ages *humming* –



Varius: May I have this waltz, my dearest?

Arsinoë: But of course – if you can keep up *wink* –



Varius: I have always endeavored to do so – still, sometimes you get ahead of me –

Arsinoë: Is that so –



Arsinoë: Then I shall slow down – for now –

Varius: I am most appreciative of your kindness *chuckle* –



Varius: And for that kindness, I would like to show you a kindness in return –

Arsinoë: Fair enough –



And with that, we the audience shall take our leave…



Bastille Day rolls around again, and with it, more Lauvergeon relatives!



No Country for Grumpy Old Frenchmen



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