In Honor of Father’s Day

Presenting My Resin Dads

Posted June 19, 2010




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Tancredi, with his tiny but precocious daughter Lovechild –



Tancredi: Ma petite framboise, ‘ow you twee-st your lee-tle visage – pourquoi?

Lovechild: *sigh* Papa, you just don’t get it, do you? Pas de fumer, s’il vous plait! *cough*



Giles Blodgett, playing with his adorable daughter, Bliss –




Imriel, proud papa of Garlyth


Garlyth: *hoo*-momma-say-you-dove-where-you-WINGS? *hoo*

Imriel: In my heart, little one, in my heart… *smile*.



Tony Cusack, Tabitha and Chance’s dad, in happier days gone by. Tabby sure is Daddy’s Girl.  




Joseph Tait, father to David, Winslow and Aaron, uncle (her mom’s brother) to Fenchurch. And his wife, Cheryl (her face-up wasn’t ready in time for the Mother’s Day post) –




Okay, gang, take 5… (Hmmmm, I think we have a visitor – Varius lurking in the background – )




I almost forgot; Varius had two young children at the time he became a vampire. No doubt this has reminded him of them…


He mentioned his long-ago mortal family in: Rendezvous with a Vampire



Randall Amick, laissez-faire dad to Fenchurch and her older half-brother Easton, doing what he does best, being good-looking AND annoying all at once –


Randall: Man, this is one crazy house you live in, Fen – though I like seeing your baby self again. She always liked me *chuckle* –

Fenchurch: Fine, SHE can do all the liking of you she wants; I’m old enough to KNOW better!

Easton: Yeah… it’s all about Fen, ALL the time… *grumble*.



 Basil Sinclair, not exactly the world’s most doting dad, with his assorted brood –


Basil: How d’ye like my strapping sons? Though the one on me left is a great fine poofter, if ever there was, HAR! Oh yeah, and the little runty lass, mustn’t forget about HER, harharhar!

Persephone: As regards you, Pater, I endeavour to do so daily, if not hourly –



Once again, the Sparrows are without a parent to show for themselves –


Buddha Girl: Eh, wen de las’ time we SEE our fadder, huh?

Angry Sparrow: Don’ remem’er – do you?

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, after seeing those last two fathers, maybe we’re LUCKY… oooooooh



I can’t even begin to imagine what the Sparrows’ father should look like! Someday… someday…


However, we won’t have to imagine anymore what Tancredi’s mom looks like; her debut is next –



Liberté, Égalité, MATERNITÉ!



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