Rendezvous with a Vampire

Posted October 28, 2007




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Clara’s Fin: This is my first ever encounter with a real, live vampire…!

Varius: Thank you for your enthusiasm, my dear… though live is a relative term in regards to my situation *chuckle*. Let us retire to a more comfortable spot, to acquaint ourselves.



CF: Oh – pardon me – I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just that I have heard them referred to as “the undead” –

Varius: Yes, that does describe our condition. It is an altered state of being, but still quite lively at times…



Varius: Permit me to demonstrate –

CF: Now just a minute – not so fast! I’d like to know some more before making any commitments I can’t or won’t want to keep, hon!



Varius: Relax, my dear – I shan’t rush you. We – and especially ME – have all the time in the world.

CF: Well… that’s better, then. You could start by telling me how long you’ve been a vampire, and why you became one.



Varius: Ah… I was made a vampire in the 4th century AD, in the time of the Roman emperor Constantine. Mine was a privileged existence, from a wealthy and powerful family, with my only task to represent them and their interests in the Senate, and ensure our legacy with offspring from a suitable arranged marriage –

CF: My – you’ve been around a LONG time! So then, HOW did you become a vampire?



Varius: Boredom, my dear, it was out of simple and foolish boredom. One evening I was accosted by a magnificent vampire who had been watching me unawares for some time. We engaged in a lengthy discussion of his life and mine, and philosophy and history among so many other subjects. I came to the conclusion that I was bored with my life, and yet angry at the notion that it would be so short, that I was easily persuaded at that moment to accept his offer of immortality, that I might have the time and the stamina to outlast even the universe, as I tried to understand just what all underpinned it…

CF: But – what happened to your family? Did they know?



Varius: At first I happily turned my back on them, told them to forget me, that I was off to seek something more. I did not tell them what I had become, though I think there were suspicions among the servants. Then… as the years passed… I found myself returning at times to watch my children and see how their lives turned out… ‘twas how I realized my folly, to have abandoned my duty. I…

CF: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean my questions to upset you – I didn’t think –



Varius: No, my dear, it is no fault of yours – it is my burden that I own up to, and that I wrestle occasionally with, to keep my sanity. We all have our burdens, don’t we? I shall take my leave then, as I am sure it does nothing for the mood here, and I would not want you sad for our tryst. Good evening, my dear – perhaps another time…

CF: If you must – I – I hope we shall meet again…

**Varius exits**



CF: Hmmmm… was that just his fancy way of saying I wasn’t his blood type? Damn!



Varius and Clara’s Fin took another shot at it, prompting this observation from JB –





I just don’t GET it!  (a little D’Angelo aside)

 Posted October 28, 2007



D’Angelo: Yeah, he’s got a fancy costume and a swanky accent – some chicks dig that sort of thing –



-- but anyone can SUCK! Sheesh!



So true, D’Angelo, so true…


Back at home, it was time for Halloween. We caught the Sparrow Sisters preparing for Trick or Treat, as only they can –


Halloween TREAT



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