A Little *Clue* in Clara’s Parlor

Posted October 27, 2007 by beamlette, Jill, and galatia9




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 Twas just another day at Guardian Clara’s Home For Visiting Resins. Hiro and Fenchurch happily reunited; Varius eavesdropped; Sanar wallowed in his superiority; Imriel snuggled with his turtledove of love, Hibou. Eron, knowing how tetchy birds can be when watched, stood motionless to the side, observing…



Suddenly… and most mysteriously, Draculina is found laid out on the carpet! How could this have happened…?



Sanar: It most certainly wasn’t ME who had anything to do with it! My wager is on that bloodsucker. *sneer*



Varius: Come now – I would never visit any harm on that graceful beauty, you troll. Besides, I have been here  all this time, keeping an eye on these innocent children…

Hiro: Bite me.

Fenchurch: Hiro, you should know better than to --

Hiro: Yeah, yeah.



Pete: You know, If you snap a couple ends off that snowflake pendant you’re wearing, it’d be a silver cross. Might come in handy.

Persephone: Don’t be ridiculous. He is not a REAL vampire.



Eron: Has anyone checked Laurelin’s wine bottle? Maybe Draculina’s just sleeping off a bender.



Pete: So you don’t think the guy with the fangs did it?

Persephone: Oh no, I think the whole scenario transpired THIS way –



Persephone: There was a dust-up in the conservatory, and a pot of petunias met its maker, saying, “Oh no, not AGAIN!” Yes, I’m certain of it!

Pete: You found Napoleon’s mushrooms, didn’t you?



Colonel Mustard was not available for comment…


Varius finds a willing victim – er – companion –


Rendezvous with a Vampire



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