Just Ignore the Peanut Gallery

Posted October 27, 2007 by beamlette and Jill in WV




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Pete: So if you want, I’ll send you the address to a good chat room. It’s pretty much unknown and there aren’t a lot of losers hanging there most of the time. You wouldn’t believe the things some guys say in those chat rooms to get some girl’s attention – like, “You’re so hot, my motherboard’s fusing together!” Major  idiocy!

Persephone: Yes… I would hope it would -- if nothing else to spare the rest of the world any more of their tripe!



Pete: Another one:  “Is it hot in this chat room or is it just you?No joke. At first it’s funny. Then it’s like a train wreck, you’re just curious to see what happens next. Then it gets predictable.

Persephone: Sadly, yes – so much of human behaviour is predictable, is it not?

JB: *still nursing jaw* No kiddin’, ice princess…



Pete: Yeah – people waste too much time trying to be clever. If they’d just get real, it might go better for ’em --

Persephone: Are you listening, D’Angelo? You may well benefit from these observations, rather than obsessing on your so-called injury.

JB: Yeah, yeah… it’s not like it NEVER works –



Pete: Well, it depends on what – or who – you want, then. Not my thing, though.

Persephone: So true. We each have free will, and it is up to us to sort the wheat from the chaff for ourselves –

JB: There ya go again, Frosty - nice talk.  Separate the wheat from the shaft?  No wonder I get mixed messages from you. *mutter*.

Pete: Hey, D’Angelo, do you tells girls you invented “Hotmail” just for them?

JB:  Hey!  I like that one – can I use it?



Persephone: I understand we are all different – heaven knows, my brother has taught me that lesson well! Now there  is a purveyor of come-on lines extraordinaire – in quite a different mold from the boy from Nouvelle  Jersey over there.

Pete: Yeah, he seems to have a million of em, doesn’t he?



Pete: Eh, maybe we should cut the poor guy some slack. Maybe he’s just having an off day, y’know?

Persephone: Or an off incarnation



Not to worry about D’Angelo, though – he is right; sometimes it DOES work!

D’Angelo: Mmm, they sure grow ‘em tall and beautiful where you come from, babe. A guy could get real used to this view!

Clara’s Fin: *giggle* I like the view, too!



JB bounces back fast!


Then there was the episode that took its cues from a popular old board game–


A Little *Clue* in Clara’s Parlor



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