Flat Learning Curve

Posted October 26, 2007 by beamlette and Clara in OR




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D’Angelo: Well, well, if it isn’t that cute little ice cube tamale from Vegas – looks like you’ve let your hair down since we last saw each other. ‘S mighty becoming…

Persephone: While I presume that is meant to be a compliment in your dismal milieu, rest assured I did not coif myself for YOUR benefit!



D’Angelo: You know, girls who play hard to get are really hot. And you take hot to a whole other level, love bite.

Persephone: The only change in my temperature has to do with my rising level of annoyance with you. I recommend you step back, and no one will get burnt. **waves him away**



Marty Jean: Uh-huh, uh-huh – D’Angelo has a mighty short memory. I think we’re in for some serious deja vous -- uh-huh, uh-huh!



D’Angelo: Maybe you should move a little closer to me, babe, and let me thaw out that cold shoulder of yours a bit?

Persephone: Gracious offer on your part as that may be –



Persephone: -- I suggest you take this as a warning, or you may experience global warming on a very  personal scale *narrowed eyes*.



D’Angelo: Aw, sweetheart – you know I see you’re wearin’ the little necklace I sent you, to show no hard feelin’s from last time. I’d say that was a positive sign –

Persephone: I had intended it to signify that my regard for you is as frosty  as ever it was --



Persephone: -- so I see I must respond in a vernacular that you may more readily understand –


D’Angelo: Wha—OWWWW!



Marty Jean: Told ya, told ya, told ya – I saw that one comin’!



D’Angelo: *groan* the little tamata’s got a nice backhand…

Persephone: This puts me in mind of a famous quote by one Mr. Santayana…



 “Those who ignore history -- are doomed to repeat it.” *chuckle*.

D’Angelo: Tell that Santa guy to stop givin’ me COAL fer Christmas, will ya?



It wasn’t all bad for Persephone. She did have a nice chat with Pete…


Just Ignore the Peanut Gallery



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