*Beware the Angry Leprechaun!*

Posted March 16, 2012




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Ulf is ALWAYS short, figuratively and literally *snerk*…


Ulf ó Flannagáin: ‘Ere now, WHO took me gold! Me pot is empty! When I finds ththievin’ scallywag what took it, I shall tear ‘em a new one, an’ throw a curse inta th’ bargain! **shakes fist**

Georgine: Oh – that reminds me of a leprechaun joke I heard the other day – “Why can’t you borrow money from leprechauns?”

Doileag Flannagáin: Ah, lass, we’re not in th’ business o’ lendin’, ye know! *wink* So, what’s th’ punch line, then?

Georgine: “Because they’re always a little short.” *giggle*

Doileag Flannagáin: Oh aye, aye; tha’ goes with’ territory, lass! Though me donkey of a son is short in th’ smarts department, as well! *snicker*




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Irish eyes, and all that – though more of a poke in the eye, LOL.


Lookee here, MORE redheads –






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