Posted March 21, 2012




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Wessex: Ms. Beamlette, I take issue with this packet of cookies I found in your kitchen today. Did it occur to you that the name of these cookies is offensive to redheads, particularly those in the English-speaking world?

Warwick: Huh…



Wessex: I imagine the cookie makers thought they were being clever and “catchy” when they named their product, but I take exception, on behalf of we natural redheads around the globe –




Wessex: While I understand that our numbers are dwindling, still, we are entitled to some respect, for we are simply as God made us, as you or anyone else are –

Warwick: Hmmm…



Wessex: Here now, Warwick, what are you doing? Why are you eating these distastefully-named cookies? Weren’t you listening to me? And WHY on earth are you wearing those rabbit ears?

Warwick: *munch*… taste pretty good to me. I usually don’t listen to you; you know that…



Warwick: As for the bunny ears, I got ‘em from a bunny, a real cute one, too, heh! *wink*

Wessex: *siiiigh* …Why, oh why, do I even bother?...



Poor, poor Wessex… tempest in a cookie jar.


As you see from this story, Wessex returned to the Beamlette fold; here follows the tale of how he was sent away in “disgrace” from Clara’s household –



Draculina’s Helper (or lack thereof)



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