^^^^HAT DANCE^^^^

Posted March 15, 2012




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Recently, I got these cute Volks FCS “Welcoming” outfits, and chose Lars (Volks Enn) and Young Tabitha (Volks Yuni) to be my models…


Young Tabitha: Kick-a** boots, Ms. B! Thanks!

Me: *tsk* Language, Tabby! But I’m glad you like them. How about you, Lars, what do think about your outfit?



Lars: It’s kinda girly, but it’s got some good points. The guys’ll make fun, but I bet Kiku’d like it… hmmm…

Me: I see your point – but you do look good in it.

Lars: Yeah… even the hat… I do look good, don’t I ? **puffs chest**

Young Tabitha: *snort*!



Lars: Hey, don’t touch the hat – leave it alone, will ya!

Young Tabitha: Here, lemme fix yer hat – as in knock it off! **punch**



Lars: Hmph! Ya happy now?

Young Tabitha: I will be, in a minute! The hat, not so much…



No hats were harmed in the making of this, we promise!


Since I dressed up the players, couldn’t let St. Paddy’s Day pass without looking in on my leprechauns –



*Beware the Angry Leprechaun!*



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