The Shinigami Who Came To Dinner

Posted August 16, 2011




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For those who may have forgotten, Tancredi has a part-time job as an Angel of Death as seen

in They wanted WINGS.  Shinigami is another name for them, too… I like the sound of the word.


E’Clair: Oh! Tancredi, it’s almost dinnertime –

Tancredi: Oui, ma belle, zo I ‘ave in-vited ma fel-low ange de morte to break ze pain de soir weez us today – please to acquaint Monsieur L’oeil Troisième Aveugle

Third Eye Blind: **waves** Hello, hello – nice to meet you – that’s Third Eye Blind, by the way, though it sounds pretty classy when he says it, heheh



Third Eye Blind: Like the Tan Man said, we’ve been working together for a while. He always tells me what a good little cook you are, Ms. E’Clair, and I appreciate his extending the invitation and all –



E’Clair: Is that so, Mr., um, BlindTancredi dearest, may I have a private word with you – now?



Tancredi: Ees zere une difficulté, ma belle?

E’Clair: Yes, yes there is, my dear silly love – I haven’t made enough dinner for a guest, because I didn’t know this morning that there was going to BE a guest!



Tancredi: Eet does not to be fan-cy – cannot you im-pro-vise?

E’Clair: With only five lamb chops? You know how teeny the really good ones are, and I know you like your customary pair, dearest. For that matter, so do I!



Tancredi: But I would feel ze fool to take back ze of-fer of ze hospitalité, do you see, ma belle?

E’Clair: *siiiigh* Very well – your pride should be QUITE filling, dearest!



Lovechild: Mister Blind, why on earth do you feel the need to dress like Halloween when it ISN’T Halloween?



Third Eye Blind: Eh, it goes with the job! Shinigamis get taken more seriously if they dress the part; it’s expected –



Third Eye Blind: Awww, I forgot, guess I’m scaring you, little girl; sorry about that!

Lovechild: Pffffft, no! Far from it. I find you about as scary as marshmallows – the miniature ones! *hmph*



Third Eye Blind: *to self* Heheh, she told me, didn’t she? But we’ll see who sneers last when it’s HER time… hehehehehehheh **wink**.



Lovechild: All I wanted was MY dinner *pout*…



Poor little Lovechild – she can’t afford to miss out on too many meals; we don’t want to further stunt HER growth!


E’Clair decides to turn the tables on Tancredi, and invite her own guests –



Meet The Blodgetts!



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