A Letter to a Brother and a Welcome Home

Posted August 14, 2011 by Clara




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Dear Warwick,


Well, I have finally arrived at my destination, my brother. And I suppose you think you were very funny to book me on a train that only took me part way on my journey. I understood the joke that you intended by giving me the airplane to take with me. Sometimes you are not very funny, brother.



It was a long walk that you left me with and nary a bus to catch in the no man's land that I found myself in. Luckily, I did find some places to rest.



Although those places were not always very comfortable?



Did it occur to you that I could have become lost along the way?



Or encountered moments of great danger?



Oh no, I am sure you did not give it a thought. As usual, you were only thinking of yourself and the immense jocularity you would enjoy at my expense.



Eventually, I arrived at my destination, and recognized it immediately, thanks to the letters and pictures that I had received from the lovely Avenyon before embarking on this god-forsaken trip.



The next thing I knew, there was this girl with the most amazing hair, standing on the other side of the fence and asking me who I was.



She told me that her name was Annelyse and that she was a friend of one of the other people who resided there – a girl by the name of Marty Jean. She also told me that they were all looking forward to my arrival there and she was especially happy to see that I was so "cute."



The next thing I knew, she was on the other side of the gate, telling me that I had the softest looking lips that she had ever seen. There was nothing I could do but prove her statement true.



I think I'm going to like Oregon, Warwick. You will have to come and visit sometime. But remember this, I owe you another slap with my glove for your dirty trick.

Your brother,


     (Many thanks to Clara for the story and photos!)



No deed, good or otherwise, goes unpunished!


It appears that even in this modern age, woman’s work is never done, especially for E’Clair



The Shinigami Who Came To Dinner



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