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E’Clair: Guess I’d better do some laundry, if we expect to have clean undies, eh, Lovechild? *chuckle*

Lovechild: Well… yes, maman, I suppose that’s a logical projection –



E’Clair: You’re so funny, sweetie, when you’re being serious – it’s just laundry day!

Lovechild: My point, exactly! Um, maman, I think there’s something, or someONE in the washer –



E’Clair: SomeONE, you say? **opens washer** Oh! –

Lovechild: Who is it?



E’Clair: Oh my, it’s the Sparrow Sisters – what ARE you girls doing in the washer?

Buddha Girl: Eh, hi dere, Ms. ‘Clair! We glad you come along, ‘cause de cycle been done a while now –

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, an’ we still a little dizzy from de spin –

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, the clothes washer really turns us head over heels, over and over and over…oooooh



E’Clair: Isn’t that dangerous, using the washing machine like an amusement park ride? My goodness, you must be black and blue!

Buddha Girl: Eh, we more pract’cle den dat – we figger it good way to wash BOTH us’n our clothes, all at once!

Angry Sparrow: It not so bad – saves time.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh, it’s very efficient… we make sure to separate the colors… though black and blue are pretty close to each other… oooooh



Buddha Girl: Now we all fresh and reddy ta go – tanks folettin’ us out, an’ see ya ‘round, Ms. ‘Clair!

E’Clair: You’re welcome, girls – where are you off to now?

Angry Sparrow: Eh, we go see our Mom fo’ dinner. Dat why we do special clean-up.

Tragic Plum: Our Momma promised we would go to a very nice restaurant… and WE won’t have to clean the kitchen afterwards! That’s VERY special for us…ooooh

**Sparrows exit**



Lovechild: What part of that conversation WASN’T crazy? Tell me, maman! *hmph*

E’Clair: Now sweetie, what did I tell you about your being so serious – all I can say, it works for them! *smile*



There are short-cuts, and then there are Sparrow-cuts!


Meantime, Wessex wrote to tell his brother of his adventures on the way to his new home –



A Letter to a Brother and a Welcome Home



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