OonaDolly, Channeling Dorothy

Posted July 28, 2011




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Oona Dolly: Lalalalalalalala… we’re off to find the Wizard, lalalalalalalala



…are you OK, Toto? You should be – you gets to be carried! Not that I mind –



Oona Dolly: After all, even though it’s a nice day, it’s a looooooong walk to Oz, so we better get going!

Myrtle: *to self* Huhhh… what’s up with her?



Oona Dolly: Hi, there, who are you? I’m Dorothy, and me an’ my little dog Toto are going to Oz

Myrtle: Name’s Myrtle. Oz, huh? Where’s that, an’ why’re you goin’ there?

Oona Dolly: Why, to see the Wizard, of course! I’m going to ask him if he can send me an’ Toto home –

Myrtle: So – you lost or somethin’?



Oona Dolly: Kinda – a tornado blew our house outta Kansas, an’ when we landed here, it was on top of a witch, who was wearin’ these pretty shoes. A nice witch came along, and gave me the shoes, and told me to go see the Wizard in Oz so we could get home –

Myrtle: Uh-huh…



…*thinking* Talk about a crazy-*ss story… still, those shoes could be the Real Deal –



Myrtle: Shut up and gimme your shoes, NOW!

Oona Dolly: Haha, you’re funny! I can’t give you these shoes –



Myrtle: WHAT? Why the h*ll not?

Oona Dolly: Well, just lookit your feet –

Myrtle: What about MY feet?

Oona Dolly: Your feet are WAY too fat to fit these shoes; you’ll never get ‘em on, silly!



Myrtle: *fuming* Of all the #@$*... &%@#... #%*@...

Oona Dolly: All right, Toto, we’d better not stand around chit-chatting. Maybe we’ll meet some nicer people on our way, haha!



Oona Dolly may not be much nicer, but at least she smiles when she tells you *wink*.


Even BJDs need to do laundry, and sometimes they take short-cuts…






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