Analyze *This*

Posted July 21, 2011




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Estella: So he mentioned his mother and sister while you were talking at lunch. Heh, no big surprise –

Alma: Oh, you think? You’re probably right; most men use them as measuring-sticks, consciously or otherwise –

Estella: Mostly UN-consciously, in my experience –



Alma: Haha, you may well be right on that score! At any rate, I did get some more useful info for my current paper, to advance it –

Estella: Whoa, girlie, how about you, didn’t you get any more out of it besides your paper? I mean, he was pretty willing and able –



Alma: What? What more did I need from him, a proposal, a second date, what? You can’t be serious –

Estella: Oh, I don’t mean THAT serious! But while you’ve got him on the hook, there’s gotta be more he could be useful for, and I don’t mean papers –



Alma: Oh, are you implying – *hesitates*

Estella: Uh-huh. He’s pretty into you, so – you can string him along easy. I have a feeling he’ll stick around, especially if you run hot’n’cold. It’s a technique I think you can pull off –

Alma: Oh gee… I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not! Although… I could expand this paper, I suppose –



Heloise: Hey, Alma, I’ve been looking for you – oh… hello, Estella.

Alma: Hi Heloise! Creature of habit that I am, you can find me here, sooner or later. What’s up?



Heloise: Not much, really, other than I wanted to dish about The Great Lunch Date –

Alma: Precisely what Estella and I are doing! Pull up a chair and join us in dissection and analysis, will you?

Heloise: Sure… too bad I didn’t find you earlier; I hate coming in halfway through –



Estella: *to self* So do I… you harpy…



Estella: If you don’t mind, Alma, I better be going now. Good talking with you, though, and think about what I said, hm? See you around, hon

Alma: Sure, Estella, any time **waves**.



Heloise: I’m going to take the chance she’s out of earshot now, and ask: WHY do you persist in being friends with that skank?

Alma: I didn’t think anyone being able to hear you or not ever stopped you from voicing an opinion *chuckle*. Besides, she’s always been pleasant to me, and I find her decidedly different personality from mine an interesting perspective –



Heloise: That’s open-minded of you – but then you’ve always been that way. Though I suspect you use that as a cover for your research. We’re all just subjects for you to study and dissertate on, eh?



Alma: Well, now you put it that way, makes me sound like I never leave the classroom! I don’t mean to always be about work –



Heloise: Hey, I’m not giving or taking offense here – heck, I’m hopin’ someday you’ll make us famous when you do a paper on ME! *snerk*

Alma: Oh gees, I better get busy, then – I never thought about analyzing YOU! *snicker*



Heloise shouldn’t be so shy about voicing her opinions *snerk*.


And nothing shy about this next squib!



OonaDolly, Channeling Dorothy



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