Meet The Blodgetts!

Posted August 20, 2011




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MeetBlodgetts 003

Tancredi: An’ why must I to meet zees étrangers? I come to ma maison for to es-cape af-ter ze long, long jour ees done –

E’Clair: I let you have your guest the other evening, so please meet mine – a nice couple with a little girl. We need to socialize more, with people like us – well, sort of like us! Please, dearest – come along –



MeetBlodgetts 004

E’Clair: Tancredi, meet the Blodgetts, Ursula and Giles – and their daughter Bliss, over there with Lovechild –

Giles: What ho, Tancredi old chap, nice to meet you –

Ursula: Hallo, Tancredi – quite nice to meet you. Pardon if I don’t stand; the old knee is playing up –

Tancredi: Ees zat zo – what do eet play, zhen?



MeetBlodgetts 008

E’Clair: Don’t mind Tancredi, Ursula; he has a, um, odd sense of humor –

Ursula: Oh not at all; I thought it quite a clever response – makes you think about the words we use to explain things; language can be SO peculiar!

Giles: There’s a rather funny story behind her dicky knee, really –



MeetBlodgetts 009

Giles: It coincides with the gash on my face, which no doubt you’ve noticed! *chuckle*

Ursula: Giles darling, no doubt they’ve wondered what miscreant dealt you the blow and why – well,’twas ME, I confess –



MeetBlodgetts 012

Giles: You see, we were out and about in the garden ‘round our country estate. Ursula was doing a bit of digging with her spade, and I thought I’d have a little jest on her, so I crept up behind and put my hands up to cover her eyes, and started to say, “Guess who?” –



MeetBlodgetts 014

Ursula: You can well imagine this caught me off-guard – I thought it was that ghastly groundskeeper from the next property, trying to have his way with me, so I whirled ‘round and bashed him with the spade! He let out a blood-curdling yelp, and fell over on me, and my knee twisted in the process. We were quite the bloody and bowed pair, haha!



MeetBlodgetts 015

Ursula: But all is now forgiven, is it not, love?

Giles: Of course, my long-stemmed rose; see how we can laugh about it. I’d much rather be bashed by someone I know than a stranger, haha!



MeetBlodgetts 019

E’Clair: Oh… my… that was a funny story… wasn’t it, Tancredi, dear?



MeetBlodgetts 017

Tancredi: Zo… you ap-prove of ze beating of ze spouses, zhen?



MeetBlodgettsTk2 006

**awkward silence**…



MeetBlodgetts 022

Bliss: Your daddy is a VERY grumpy man, Lovechild – just like YOU, haha!

Lovechild: And YOUR papa is a very SILLY man, just like you – so there!



Do you think we’ve seen the last of the Blodgetts at chez Lauvergeon? Somehow, I doubt it…


Time for some saucers of milk, in –



Scenes From a Las Vegas Meet-Up



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