Scenes From a Las Vegas Meet-Up

Posted August 29, 2011




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At our August mini-meet in Vegas, the girls in attendance waited to see The New Girl, aka Volks Lorina


LVbjdMeetAug2011 001

Ami Ayase: So… that’s Lorina.

Jun Tachibana: M-hm, fresh out of the box…

ED Tasha: I bet she poses better than I do…maybe she’ll swap bodies…

FD Nina: Nice outfit; wonder if it comes in black?

AE Dou Sha: I like RED!

IH Tania: Cool shoes – I want some HEELS like those!

Soom Godo Girl: I think her outfit is a bit busy. And she really should get dressed, NOW –



LVbjdMeetAug2011 008

Lorina: *plaintively* Could someone please help me dress – there are EVER so many pieces!



The humans present took turns helping her into her ensemble…


LVbjdMeetAug2011 017

Lorina: Please do be gentle… this is my first time…



LVbjdMeetAug2011 015

Jun: *to self* Oh, there’s a double-entendre! *sigh* It’s been SO long since my first time, too…



LVbjdMeetAug2011 026

Lorina: Thank you ever so much; I’m very happy to be here and dressed at last! **flutters lashes**



LVbjdMeetAug2011 025

Lorina: Lalalalala… I feel SO pretty, and from the looks in the humans’ eyes, I MUST be pretty! Lalalalalalalala!...



LVbjdMeetAug2011 030

Ami: Pfffffft, what a ditz!



LVbjdMeetAug2011 033

Lorina: Oh! You must be jealous, since you have such a drab little outfit – if that can be considered an outfit!

Tania: Uh-oh, this doesn’t look good –

Godo Girl: DO ignore them, dear – it only encourages their disgraceful behavior.



LVbjdMeetAug2011 034

Ami: THIS is how a REAL woman dresses, not like your walking wedding-cake style. You’re just a cream puff, hon – I’m the MAIN course!

Lorina: *gasp!* How – how dare you! That is SO mean!

Tasha: Ermmm, you don’t know the half of it… though Ami’s got a point – *fidget*

Tania: Gees – I better get ready to DUCK –



LVbjdMeetAug2011 023

Jun: I had a feeling this wasn’t going to go well. Glad I’m not in the line of fire *giggle* –



LVbjdMeetAug2011 031

Godo Girl: Since this is being posted, it would appear that what happens in Vegas will NOT stay in Vegas… I am mortified *sniff*.



Do you think we’ve seen the last of the Blodgetts at chez Lauvergeon? Somehow, I doubt it…


September and October 2011 were a time of “short subjects”, figuratively AND literally, as you shall see…



My Favorite Witch



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