They wanted WINGS

A Fenchurch/Tancredi/Sparrows story

 Posted May 16, 2006




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Tancredi: Bon jour, ma cheri sportif.

Fenchurch: Go away, Tan – WHOA NELLY! Where did the WINGS come from?



Tancredi: Well, I ‘ave zees, what you call eet, part-of-ze-time job, as an Angel of Death.

Fenchurch: I bet you have to drag them away kicking and screaming when they see YOU coming!



Tancredi: What ees eet, Cherie – zat look of pain upon your visage –

Fenchurch: OH! My back – it hurts all of a sudden, between my shoulder blades. Ouch, I would’ve thought a pain like you would be a lot lower!



Tancredi: MON DIEU! Now you ‘ave ze wings also. But I al-weez thought you were an angel, Cherie.

Fenchurch: Ohmigod, I DO have wings – WHY? How? I – I – I –




Fenchurch: I’m an AVENGING ANGEL!!! And I’m going to do some avenging on your miserable carcass!!!

Tancredi: Now, now, ma cherie – let us not be zo has-tee –



Fenchurch: How DARE you kiss me with that ashtray you call a mouth!


Tancredi: But Cherie, eet ees ze on-lee one I ‘ave – OW!




Tancredi: Ooo, not ze FACE, Cherie –




Tancredi: Oh Cherie, I am done for

Fenchurch: One MORE –




Fenchurch: *WHEW* Being an Avenging Angel, you sure can work up an appetite. But there is something to be said for job satisfaction.

Tancredi: Oooo – Cherie – you know how I – LOVE eet – when you play – ze hard-to-get ***



Buddha Girl: Eh, look, big vulture crash-land!

Angry Sparrow: It stink like vulture.

Tragic Plum: They may be an endangered species – oh dear…

Tancredi: Ah, zee lee-tle ver-min, zey ‘ave come to serenade me –


I think you know what happens next…



Hiro was particularly entertained when I showed him this pic:



Poor old Tancredi looks like he’s gagging, after a likely blow to the throat -- !


Although I was painting Tancredi as quite the cad, he did have his fans, so I put together this little tribute to him:


I know Tancredi is a vile creature, but I love him so



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