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Posted June 15, 2007




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Kiku is the 10-year-old daughter of Tancredi’s alternate universe persona, Harry the attorney. Kiku’s mother ran away, so Harry must be both mom and dad to her as best he can while dealing with his heavy client load. He loves her very much…



Kiku has a boyfriend of sorts, Lars – the older brother of that little bane-of-Hiro’s-existence, Ulf. They pal around at school and after, but sometimes Lars plays aloof when the teasing gets too bad…




Of course Kiku loves fashion, and dressing in cute clothes…



Young Shulamith: Huh – maybe this’ll work –

Kiku: Uh – WHO are you – and WHY are you going through MY clothes?



Young Shulamith: I’m Shulamith. Just looking for something to wear. You’ve got some nice stuff and some lame stuff. But I think I’ll find something – don’t worry.

Kiku: And WHY do you think you’re entitled to any of MY clothes?

Young Shulamith: Didn’t anyone teach you it’s nice to share? My, my, what was your mom thinking?

Kiku: You – you – don’t talk about MY mom!!! **shove**



Young Shulamith: Don’t you shove me! **shove**

Kiku: Get away from MY clothes! Get OUT of here!!! Or my dad’ll make you pay. He can do that – he’s a VERY important attorney!

Young Shulamith: Huh – what can your dad do to me – sue a KID?

Kiku: I’ll tell my boyfriend, too – he’ll beat you up.



Young Shulamith: Well, well, you never have to fight any of your battles – you’ve always got someone to do your dirty work for you. Ladedah.

Kiku: You bet – that’s what it’s all about. It’s WHO you know, as much as WHAT you know. Now get OUT!

Young Shulamith: Oh, c’mon – let’s see if you can do something for yourself, Princess –

Kiku: You may wish you hadn’t said that –



Kiku: So who’s the widdle pwincess NOW?

Young Shulamith: **wincing** You… conveniently… forgot… to… say… you… do… know… martial arts…

Kiku: Huh – you didn’t ask. Teach you to assume. Had enough?

Young Shulamith: Uh… huh…



Kiku: Now get out – same way you came in.

Young Shulamith: Heh – this’ll teach you to lock your doors, anyway. You’d think with a swell house like this, you’d have an alarm.

Kiku: Sometimes our housekeeper forgets. I’ll be sure to let my dad know she messed up again. You won’t find it so easy a second time.

Young Shulamith: Hmmmm, a challenge. Thanks, Princess. See you around! **exits**



Kiku: Who does she think she’s talking to… we’ll just see about that.





BONUS Alternate Ending!


This never posted and previously unseen ending was ultimately left on the cutting room floor to give Kiku a bit more punch.



Young Shulamith: Don’t you shove me! **shove**

Kiku: Get away from MY clothes! Get OUT of here!!!



Kiku: OW! Don’t pull at my hair!

Young Shulamith: Oh, the pretty-witty girl’s hurting! That’s NOTHING!




Young Shulamith: Had enough?

Kiku: **crying** STOP IT!!! DAAAAAA-DDYYYYYYYY!!!!!



Young Shulamith: You can call for daddy all you want – I know he’s not here.

Kiku: **still crying** GO AWAY, you nasty girl! I WILL tell my daddy, and he’ll make sure you get punished – that’s what he does!!!

Young Shulamith: Yeah, yeah… IF you can prove it. No one saw us. I sure won’t admit to it.



Kiku: You’re HORRIBLE! I’ll tell my boyfriend, and HE’LL make YOU cry!

Young Shulamith: You’re such a little baby. Can’t do it for yourself – gotta have other people do your fighting. I’m bored. Think I’ll head back home now -- so long! **exits**



Kiku: I miss my mama… *sniff*



Ouch! Which one did YOU like best?


Picking back up from the posted story, Young Shulamith has a friend she wants Kiku to meet –


Don’t Take “No” For An Answer…



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