I know something you don’t know…

Posted June 12, 2007




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Young Shulamith: Hey. Whatcha doin’?

Shulamith: No particular business of yours. And cut the innocent act.

Young Shulamith: I never said I was innocent, did I? Not that it matters.

Shulamith: Whatever. *pause* And don’t think I’m going to babysit you – I warned you that I’ll have nothing to do with you – you’re on your own.



Young Shulamith: As if I’m NOT aware of that. Just thought I’d drop in and see what my older self does to keep busy… **hums**

Shulamith: As I said before, it’s no business of yours. But you’re here for some reason, aren’t you? Though I think it’s just to bug me, isn’t it? Well, go do that to someone else.

Young Shulamith: Oh, I’ve already done that! I met someone the other day – someone you know. Can you guess who it was?

Shulamith: I hate guessing games. And I don’t care who it was. Go back and bug them, will ya?



Young Shulamith: Awwww, I think you might be interested in this one… **hums again**  He gave me a message for you.

Shulamith: So… ?

Young Shulamith: Yes – I believe it went like this – “Don’t be a stranger,” he said.

Shulamith: They’re ALL strangers – one way or another.



Young Shulamith: Oh – and he also said you still owe him big-time for that fact-finding mission he sent you on – wonder what THAT was about…

Shulamith: **stiffens** I TOLD him the yokels were tight-lipped! Someone tipped them off ahead of time! Oh sh*t, you were talking to –

Young Shulamith: He also says the credit in your account is VERY low right now.

Shulamith: Of course he’ll make that excuse –



Young Shulamith: Wasn’t an excuse. All he had in that fancy wallet was $8.

Shulamith: And he SHOWED you?

Young Shulamith: Not hardly. I checked it out myself.

Shulamith: Oh yeah – I used to do that before I hit the big time.

Young Shulamith: So… you going to look him up, then?

Shulamith: Like I said before, none of your business.

Young Shulamith: I think he’d really like to see you.



Shulamith: GET OUT OF HERE, you little @#$%&#!

Young Shulamith: Fine way to treat a child! **leaves**



A little later…





Young Shulamith: *siiiiigh*

Fabien: Hey, I’m tryin’ to concentrate here!

Young Shulamith: Oh… sorry, lady… hmmmmmm.



Fabien: Oh hell, kid – come sit here with me – I don’t bite. Unless you’re male! *grin*

Young Shulamith: Sometimes they like that, don’t they?

Fabien: Yeah, at first – hey, you know a lot for a kid.

Young Shulamith: Fat lot of good it does me, though.



Fabien: Y’know, you look like a quick learner. And I’ve got some things to pass on. It’s time I started to think beyond today. Looks don’t last forever. How’d you like to be my – hmmm, what’s the word I’m looking for?

Young Shulamith: Do you mean, “protégé”?

Fabien: Yeah, that’s it! Classy word. What d’ya say, kid?

Young Shulamith: Yes… why not.



Fabien: Done! Say, you remind me of someone…

Young Shulamith: I get that a lot. We all have our double somewhere in the world, you know.

Fabien: Deep, kid, that’s real deep. What’s your name?

Young Shulamith: Shulamith. It’s not real common.



Fabien: Ah-HA! I get IT! You’re a half-pint spinoff of that other chick who lives here, the real DARK one! HAHAHAHA! Oh, this is gonna be rich! You, as MY protégé!

Young Shulamith: Yes, rich is one way of putting it.



Young Shulamith: **to self** One good deed deserves another, as my mother used to say…



When a door closes, another portal to Hell opens…


43cm-Naraes are popular, and so I finally introduced mine, but not with a pretty photoshoot. Instead, this prickly little story, along with the alternate-ending version –


Introducing Kiku, my 43cm Narae



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