Napolean manages a short meeting with his future common-law brother-in-law

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Napolean: Ah, so you are the man who has captivated my dear sister E’Clair. We are similar, are we not? Tall, dark and free-style – do you suppose it is Freudian on E’Clair’s part?

Tancredi: Mais non, m’sieur – I am no-theeng like vous, no of-feense meant –

Napolean: None taken. I am most forgiving, as it is better for my karma to hold no grudges or dwell on perceived insults. My concern is for my sister’s happiness –

Tancredi: An’ ‘er ‘happiness ees ma concern aussieen zat are we u-ni-ted, mon ami.



Napolean: This bodes well for our future relationship – will I call you “brother” sometime in the near future, legally or spiritually?

Tancredi: Eet weel be strict-lee spiritual – marriage in ma famille ees not ze cus-tome.

Napolean: I believe in the spiritual bond as well – legalities do not guarantee a lasting union any more than the simple joining of two hearts, minds and souls. And where do you plan to live?

Tancredi: We each shall to live een our customary maisons – no-theeng weel change.



Napolean: Perhaps that is best – my sister may preserve her own sense of self, and not be smothered by any demands. You are truly spiritually enlightened; I am pleased…

Tancredi: Oui, an’ someone ‘as turned ze light on us, ‘ave zey not? I sense we are be-ing watched…

Napolean: Oh, we are ALL watched by the great spirit of the one who brings light and truth and beauty to our world *smile*.

Tancredi: Zat may be, but I am not so sure eet ees bee-nevolent… Bee Eff Carl may be behind this…



Napolean: This Bee Eff Carl you speak of – I do not sense he wishes us harm. He may only wish that we not walk in darkness.

Tancredi: An’ ‘e al-zo weesh zat I not walk weez ma belle E’Clair. Or drive. Or seet.e ees a ‘ard, ‘ard homme.

Napolean: Surely you exaggerate, my soon-to-be-brother. Perhaps we should summon the Great Light to soften his heart, and make him see the beauty of your relationship.

Tancredi: Sum-mon ze Great Light eef you weel – meantime, *I* shall SUMMON to find ze keys to ze voiture!



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