What goes around comes around...

Posted June 8, 2007 by beamlette and galatia9




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Young Shulamith: Huh – so you're that Gavreau I’ve heard about.
Gavreau: Uh... excuse me? Who the hell are you? I don't know anyone with kids. Not in THIS life, anyway.



Young Shulamith: Move over, hon, and I’ll tell you all about myself. You may appreciate the irony of it.
Gavreau: Uh... excuse me AGAIN, you little snip, but I don't even think you're old enough to know what irony IS. How do you know me, anyway? Hey... quit PUSHING me, you brat!



Young Shulamith: Lighten up. To start with, do I remind you of anyone?
Gavreau: No, I couldn't care less about anyone who still has to have her mama wipe her nose for her. I don't KNOW anyone your age. Are you SUPPOSED to remind me of someone??



Young Shulamith: You’re amazingly unimaginative, for an old guy, though I’d have thought it was pretty obvious who I look like – someone you know – very well.
Gavreau: Lay off, will you?? You little pest -- HEY!! You... wait, you look like –



Young Shulamith: Now you’re catching on. Though I’ll go ahead and connect the dots for you. I’m Shulamith – or more precisely, Shu at age 11. You may have heard there’s a temporal rift where we live, and some of us coexist with our younger selves. Neat trick, huh?
Gavreau: This is insane! Now listen here, you, I didn't do ANYTHING to you -- er, I mean to the FUTURE you, that you didn't ASK for! I mean, SHE! That SHE didn't ask for! You've got nothing on me! Er... how much DO you know about her and me, anyway??



Young Shulamith: Oh, don’t worry – que sera, sera… **softly sings to herself** “…Money don’t get everything, it’s true/What it don’t get/I can’t use….”
Gavreau: *mutters* Dammit, I still can't believe she got that last two hundred bucks outta me before she left...

Gavreau: Listen, little girl, why don't you find some friends your own age and go play? Don't you have some dolls waiting for you somewhere?
Young Shulamith: Dolls? Man, you are SO old-fashioned. Girls my age don’t do the doll thing. We’re into technology and dressing like pop tarts. Get with the times while you’re here, why don’t you?



Gavreau: Trust me, honey, you're well on the way to becoming QUITE the little tart, pop or otherwise. I suppose you've seen how you turned out? What do you think of that?
Young Shulamith: Could be worse. Though I think I’ll suggest she adjust her rates, for inflation.
Gavreau: ANOTHER adjustment?? You're as cold blooded as SHE is. Now I see where she GOT it from. Okay, hon, I want you to take a message back to your big "sister" for me, okay?



Young Shulamith: Message – for my OLDER self – sure. And that message would be -- ?
Gavreau: (*thinks* Ah, so she DOESN'T know everything her future self has been up to!) Tell her to not be a stranger, okay?
Young Shulamith: No stranger than she’s ever been.
Gavreau: And... tell her that she still owes me big time for that fact-finding mission I sent her on. The credit in her account is VERY low right now.
Young Shulamith: Owes you something – not surprising. Well, ta-ta, blondie.
Gavreau: *mutters* Chip off the old block, all right.



**a little later**
Young Shulamith: *to self* Someone ELSE’S credit is a little low, I’d say. Cheap bastard only has EIGHT freakin’ dollars in that fancy-pants wallet – sheesh.
Gavreau: What the hell?? $!%#^$&!!!



With thanks to galatia9 for Gavreau and his dialogue.  Big or little, Gavreau has the worst luck with Shulamith, doesn’t he?


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