Don’t Take “No” For An Answer...

Posted June 19, 2007




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Young Shulamith: **hums to self while walking**



Kiku: YOU! I thought I told you not to come back!

Young Shulamith: Well, no, not in so many words.



Kiku: AND taking some of my clothes – WEARING them, even! Yuck, like I’ll want to wear that again!

Young Shulamith: Guess I get to keep the Juicy suit, then. Not that you’re getting these back either. You have so much anyway, how could you miss it?



Kiku: That is SO not the point! Didn’t you learn your lesson last time? Am I going to have to pin you again? Because I WILL do it!



Young Shulamith: Oh, I learned a lesson all right – not the one you’re going on about, but another. The one about, “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.” And I know SOMEbody



Kiku: How could YOU know anybody – you don’t have important parents or anything -- **feels hand touch shoulder**



Fabien: Well, hi there, little missy! It isn’t all about parents. You’ve heard of mentors, haven’t you? That’s part of the word tormentors, haha!

Kiku: Oh -- !  You’re – a –mentor?



Fabien: In a manner of speakin’. Li’l Shu here is my protégé. And I watch out for my protégé, when I think someone is tryin’ to shake her down or throw their weight to push her around. I push back for her, just like your daddy does for you. You understand that, don’t you, missy?

Kiku: I – uh – yes – um – understand…



Fabien: Good. I hate for things to be murky, know what I mean? Anyway, my little protégé and me will be toddling right along. Nice meeting you, missy. Say thanks for the duds, Li’l Shu.

Young Shulamith: Yeah, thanks. Took you long enough!

Kiku: Uh… huh…



Kiku: **silent**

Harry: **from back door** Kikuhon – I’m home!



Harry: Kiku – I was calling, and you didn’t answer. Are you all right?

Kiku: Oh – oh daddy… I… um… that girl came back… ! With her… uh… friend…



Harry: What happened, baby girl – did they hurt you?

Kiku: No… they didn’t hit me or touch me, really, or anything – but…



Kiku: *bursting into tears* OH DADDY – her friend was SO scary *sob* she *sob* had one RED eye *sob* and one CAT eye *sob* I – I -- *sob* I don’t want her to EVER come back!

Harry: Oh, baby girl, I’m sorry – I’m sorry…

**thinking to self** Now she’s making up strange stories… *sigh* The therapist warned me this could happen…



Poor Kiku – this time she DIDN’T make it up!


To introduce Lorenza, my Souldoll Hye, I let her outfit dictate a storyline, set in 18th century Italy


La bella Lorenza (Souldoll Hye), in mourning for…



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