Is that Hibou wearing GLASSES -- ?

Posted January 17, 2007




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 (Close-up of Hibou’s hands holding a legal document)



Hibou: No, no, no – this WON’T do. I can’t believe it, what that agent got me into. We have got to break this contract.

Harry: My regrets, Ms. Fleischmann, but it’s an iron-clad contract. You break this and you pay big.



Hibou: That idiot agent! How could he get me into this? And for so LONG! It was supposed to be a one-shot deal – not an effing mini-series!

Harry: I suppose we could counter-sue, but it won’t hold up in court –



Oona: **walks in** Hibou – what – what’s going on here? And – and – TANCREDI! In a suit! What charade are we up to today?

Harry: Are you addressing me, miss – I have no idea who this Tancredi is that you’re confusing me with –



Oona: Wow – HOW did you get rid of your French accent like that? I always wondered if it was real – but –



Harry: Miss, I have never had a French accent. I am Ms. Fleischmann’s attorney, here to consult with her.



Oona: Ms. FLEISCHMANN? Who is



Hibou: I am an ACTRESS – hired to play this part of an OWL GIRL. What a RIDICULOUS gig – it was ONLY supposed to be for ONE episode! Harry, you gotta get me OUT of this!



Oona: Actress? Gig? ONE episode?

Hibou: Harry, see what I’ve go to put up with? You gotta do something.



Oona: So you weren’t raised by owls? But – how – WHY -- ?

Harry: My client and I have no further comments to make right now –

Hibou: Who wrote this dreck, anyway?!!!



Hibou: Get me my AGENT!!!

Oona: Wha – oh – uh -- …



**suddenly wakes up in bed**

Oona: OH! It – it – it was a DREAM!



Oona: Talk about WEIRD – Hibou NOT an owl girl – guess that’s what I get for eating Fenchurch’s tamales too close to bedtime…



Hibou: **low and soft**  *hooooooooooooo*…



Yet another reminder of the dangers of certain pre-bedtime meals.


Just for fun, here’s another look for the Tan Man:


Tancredi has yet ANOTHER new look



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