Eh, look what we gots for Christmas after all!

Posted January 11, 2007 by Buddha Girl




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Buddha Girl: Dis so cool -- we gots MOTORCYCLE -- vroooom!

AngrySparrow: Yeh, but not from Santy.

Tragic Plum: Noooo, oooh... BF Carl gave this to us... ooooh....



Buddha Girl: Yeh, Santy not come through -- we done wit' him.

Angry Sparrow: BF Carl OUR Santy.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh... do you think BF Carl did us any favors?... ooooh...



Buddha Girl: Eh, let's try doin' donuts, sisters!

Angry Sparrow: I like EATIN' donuts.

Tragic Plum: Ooooh... I don't think this has anything to do with EATING... ooooh...



Buddha Girl: No, dese not EATIN' donuts -- dese DOIN' donuts. Jus' hang on

Angry Sparrow: I hope it as fun.
Tragic Plum: Ooooh... something tells me I might not like *this*... ooooh...



Buddha Girl: Okay -- you holdin' on? 'Cause here we goin'

Angry Sparrow: Sister holdin' on -- on my HAIR.

Tragic Plum: Oooooh... I didn't even look... sorry, sister... ooooh...



Buddha Girl: Aroun' an' aroun' an' aroun' we go --
Angry Sparrow: When we goin' SOM'WHERE?
Tragic Plum: Right now I'd really rather not go ANYWHERE... oooooooh...



Buddha Girl: Dat was the las' donut -- now we head EAST.

Angry Sparrow: We goin' YEAST den.

Tragic Plum: Oooooh... what will we do *when* we get there?... ooooh...


Buddha Girl: Eh, dere's LOTS doin' dere. We jus' fine out.

Angry Sparrow: How soon we fine?

Tragic Plum: Oooooh... if anyone asks, I'm NOT fine... ooooooh...



Buddha Girl: We headed for what dey call WILD BLUE YONDER!!!

Angry Sparrow: Wonner why dey call it dat.
Tragic Plum: Ooooh... so that's what they call the counter edge... ooooooh...



Do you think they got very far?


Oona wandered into a strange, strange scene:


Is that Hibou wearing GLASSES -- ?



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