Owls are at their best at NIGHT

Part 3 of 3

Posted January 6, 2007 by beamlette & Clara in OR




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And Hibou is in fine form... although we're not quite sure what she's doing -- calesthenics? a demonstration of flight? And was there wine involved... ?
Imriel: Dearest Turtledove, come sit by me -- I'd rather admire your wings a little closer



Hibou: *hoo-hoo-HOO*! -happy-is-Hibou!
Imriel: My little bird, aren't you cold without your feathers... ? Let me warm your delicate form



Hibou: *hoo* -Dove-so-kind-to-warm-Hibou- *hoooo*...

Imriel: I am *more* than willing to serve my Turtledove's best interests... mmmm...



Hibou: *hooooo* -not-like-feathersss-... -Hibou-like *hooooooohoo*...

Imriel: Imriel-like-too... errrr... what is that *light* about -- ?




"National Enquirer shows you EXCLUSIVE PIX of owl girl and elf coupling!"

Imriel: WHAT!?

Hibou: *HOO*... ?



Imriel: Ah, MUCH better... thank you, Ms. Clara. for turning out those dreadful lights -- you may GO, now

Hibou: *hoooo* -alone-we-need-be-...



Imriel: Where were we, my dearest?... oh yes, keeping you warm -- let me take the chill off those sweet lips *smooch*
Hibou: *hmmmm*
**giggling and snickering in background**



Imriel: I swear, is there NO privacy to be had in this damnable shack?

**chorus of voices**

K-I-S-S-I-N-GGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha... !



Next morning, Avenyon offers tea and sympathy -- er -- ADVICE, to Hibou on the proper care and feeding of elves...



Despite, or in spite of, their naughtiness, the Sparrows did receive a Christmas present, which they happily show off here, with the usual results:


Eh, look what we gots for Christmas after all



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