Nourriture Pour Les Oiseaux Sauvages

 (Sparrows Xmas Feast)

Posted December 25, 2007




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Hippolyte: *humming Schubert’s Ave Maria*… a lit-tle feast, cour-tesy of Pere Noel! *chuckle*



for I did to pro-mise the Sparrow Soeurs that there would be a sur-prise – an’ I do like for to keep ma promesse






Buddha Girl: Eh, here we  are, Santy Son, wit bells on! Well, at least our Santy hats’n best dresses!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, we ready for watev’r you gots.

Tragic Plum: Oooh, I’m never really  ready… even if it’s something from YOU…



Buddha Girl: Dis some SWELL spread, sisters! O-kay, I tink we not mad at Santy anymore – he come t’ru BIG dis year!

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, he do good. We gots BIG an’ little chickens here.

Tragic Plum: Oooh… where to start first… before the ice cream melts?... or before the chickens get cold?... decisions SCARE me… oooooh

Hippolyte: Well… you could to eat a bite of the one an’ then a bite of l’autre  an’ so on –



Buddha Girl: But first we say BLESSIN’ – show we gots manners  to Santy and Santy Son for all dis.

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, bless food. I t’ankful.

Tragic Plum: Oh, YES… I’m thankful… that Santa forgave us for trashing his house… even if it wasn’t up to code… ooooh



**a little while later**

Hippolyte: I did not to i-ma-gine they could eat it ALL… !

BuddhaGirl: *BURRRRP!* Man… dat REAL good… I tink I FULL *BURRRRP*… did Santy leave us anny Pepto? *hic*

Angry Sparrow: *BUUUUUUUUURP* Pardon me. Yeh, we use a little Pepto here… *BUUUURPPPP*

Tragic Plum: Oh *BUUUUURP!!!*… maybe this was Santa’s revenge… *BURP!*…



Hopefully, he learned something about the Sparrows -- *burp*.


Time for a year-end reminisce with the little birdy girls, while they recover from their pig-out –


The Sparrow Sisters – A Year In Review, 2007



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