The Sparrow Sisters – A Year In Review, 2007

Posted December 30, 2007




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The Sparrows started off 2007 with a bang – well, actually more of a *VRRRROOOOOOM* --



They also took to the air… watch out belooooooooooow!



Nor were the streets safe –



Nothing is safe from their appetite, either, be it the Easter Bunny’s brother, Diggory



Or Waramon as a frog prince –



One thing we know for sure, they won’t pass up a good spread –



Or some good gifts…


They also enjoy a wager or two, be it slots or the ponies – yeah, yeah, they’re underage, but WHO’S gonna stop ‘em?


Romance is something we don’t usually associate with the Sparrows – but they were the focus of Stuart Little’s attentions – TWICE this year!



Tragic Plum made a very special friend of her own – Zephyrus the Centaur – much to her sisters’ annoyance…



Buddha Girl took a stand for ALL short persons this year – especially her and her sisters – demanding, “RESPECK!” Not sure if that's how Aretha spells it...



Sometimes things will get her down… but one thing is always sure – her sisters will back her up, through thick and thin… and no driver’s license!



The Sparrow Sisters enjoyed entertaining you in 2007, and look forward to more of same in 2008 –

Buddha Girl: Yeh, like dat song say, “Lettuce ennertain YOU/Lettuce MAKE you smiiiiile!” --

Angry Sparrow: Yeh, “Lettuce do a few tricks/Some ol’ an’ den some NEW tricks” –

Tragic Plum: Oh yes, “We’re VERY versatile!” Ooooh, BUT – we WON’T strip, nooooo….


HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Sparrows to everyone on Zone of Zen/Realm of Resin!



Who knows what we’re in for from them in 2008


The “big” kids are not to be outdone for a year-end review…


2007 – The Year In Review



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