Wynnefred and Oona have some girly time

Posted July 5, 2006




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Oona: I'm so glad you came over, Wynnefred. Besides seeing Chance, you give me someone to talk about girly things, especially about CLOTHES! Let's have you try some different things -- do a little private fashion show.
Fred: Oona, that sounds fun -- you know I live in a houseful of BOYS, so I don't get much help there!



Oona: Hmmm, let's start with this outfit -- a little Apple-Avenue number. Paladin likes this one on me.
Fred: I think Paladin likes most ANYTHING on you, Oona *giggle*



Oona: *giggle* I guess he DOES! I think you're about my size, so everything should fit you fine. Let's get started.
Fred: This is going to be so FUN -- I wonder what Chance will think!



Fred: Hmmmm -- it's interesting -- but -- is it ME?
Oona: A good fit, but if you don't feel right about it, maybe not



Fred: This is nice -- Nai would probably say it was APPROPRIATE.
Oona: It's a good summer outfit by Dalerae.



Oona: Oh my, now THAT'S a look!
Fred: Wheeee, look at the side slits -- I can feel Nai's frown from HERE.



Oona: *giggle* Sitting down like that, I think even *I* can HEAR that frown!
Fred: *blush* I know -- but I do like it. I can't ALWAYS be prim and proper!


Oona: Lookin' good, girl!



Fred: Another nice summer dress -- I like the colors.



Oona: And you make a stunning redhead, too.



Oona: Now here's a crocheted dress by Ms. Jill in WVa. She does wonderful work.
Fred: Oh I know -- I have one of her bikinis!
Oona: Hee! Nai better not know!



Fred: Noooo, he doesn't -- YET!
Oona: What he don't know won't hurt him. By the way, that's a RETROS by Liz Cole sweater.


Oona: I think you could be said to be WORKIN' IT!
Fred: I'm just full of surprises, aren't I?



Oona: Nice back detail.



Oona: Batchix makes some cute outfits -- *I* haven't even gotten to try this one on yet.
Fred: It has some nice girly touches. And the peeky middle makes up for the long skirt.



Fred: I'm not so sure about the fur wig -- didn't TANCREDI wear this?
Oona: *giggle* I sure don't think you LOOK like him in it!



Oona: Oooh, a mermaid look -- you can really wear that Dollovely skirt.



Oona: We should have Chance come in and see what he thinks.
Fred: I'll duck behind the bureau until you bring him in here.



Fred: Chance, what do you think?
Chance: YOW! I mean -- um -- WOW -- er -- wow...



Fred: *giggle* I guess that means you LIKE it?
Chance: Oh, Fred, I like you whatever you wear...
Fred: That's a very good answer!
Chance: And I mean it, too *blush*


Chance and Wynnefred try to get a little more alone-time before she has to go home, but you know how it is in this house:


Chance and Wynnefred TRY to watch a DVD



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