Chance and Wynnefred TRY to watch a DVD

Posted July 6, 2006




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Fred: That was so sweet of you to borrow this "Mansfield Park" DVD from Oona, and to watch it with me, Chance.
Chance: I know how you like Jane Austen. This is one of Oona's favorites, too. And, well, um, it's HISTORICAL, so I look at it from that standpoint. *voice softens* And I get to watch it with YOU.



Fred: *giggle* Two of my favorites together! Aren't *I* lucky!
Chance: M-hm... and so am I...



Tancredi: Ah, Chance, I am ree-turned from my trip to ze spa. I am, how you say, un homme nouveau. But I see you 'ave nee-glected ma beloved chat, Puff!
Chance: Erm, uh, I did, I WAS taking care of him... he doesn't really like to eat



Puff: rrrrrrroowwwwwrrrrrr *koff*



Tancredi: Ah, but I see ze raison for your dees-traction. Zees ees bon. I al-weez thought you needed l'amour een your lee-tle life. Mam'zelle, vous etes une ange. I shall weeth-draw. Zere may be mes-sages from ma belle E'Clair zat I must answer. Au revoir!



Fred: Well, well -- he's quite the character!
Chance: Uh-huh. He's a laugh a minute...



Young Chance: Wow, so THIS is what I'm gonna look like when I get OLD!
Chance: Wha - who - you - look - like - ME.



Yooung Chance: I'm you when you were nine. Geez, and I've got a GIRLFRIEND? *shudder*


Fred: Gosh, Chance, he looks a lot like you. *giggle* you were cute then, TOO.
Young Chance: I'm NOT cute! You don't call a guy CUTE! Sheesh.



Chance: How - WHY - are you here, anyway?
Young Chance: Ask our guardian -- it was HER idea. She's a little weird.



Young Tabitha: Hey, Chance, c'mon, let's go outside and play. You promised.
Chance: Eep!
Young Chance: Okay, Tabby. Gotta go -- see ya later.



Fred: Hiro and Fenchurch were right -- you DO live in a strange house!
Chance: You have NO idea *sigh*


Tancredi starts up a firestorm er, make that smokestorm, in the next two stories:


Mees Galatia, zat ees a VERY good idea



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