Um, Wynnefred, are you going to Austin?

Posted September 5, 2006 by Chance




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Chance: Ms. Beamlette says she'll bring me, but I wanted to be sure -- the thought of you will make it bearable –



Chance: -- because the downside is I'll have to travel in this carry-on suitcase, and not by myself –



Chance: I have to share it with Tancredi **shudder** Fenchurch and Kenzo refused, and are going in the BF's carry-on.
Tancredi: Eh, eet eesn't all ze peaches et creme fraiche pour moi ei-ther



Tancredi: But I must to make ze sacri-fices pour to see ma belle E'Clair -- zat ees what keeps ma esprit el-evated...



Ah, the trials and tribulations of being resin.


Possibly the oddest character in my BJD crowd is this one, whose debut ruffled some feathers:


What’s that horrible sound?



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