What’s that horrible sound?

Posted September 7, 2006 by Chance




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**screeeching of an owl**



Chance: WHA'?

Fenchurch: It looks like -- an *owl*?



Hibou: Hibou - am - I **stare**



Oona: I see you've just met Hibou. Ms. Beamlette brought her here to live. She said Hibou was abandoned in the woods as an infant, and raised by owls.
Hibou: *wwwwwhooooo* True - that - is -- raised - was - I - by - owllllllls...
Chance: Errrrr...
Fenchurch: Wow. Well, I guess ANYTHING is possible.



Oona: Ms. Beamlette says it's my job to domesticate her --
Paladin: Yeah, you could say she's sort of "free-range" *laughing*



**WHOOOOSH of Hibou's wings**
Paladin: Whoa -- that's the fastest I've seen anyone gut a bird.



**brief silence**
**in unison** The SPARROWS!!!



Buddha Girl: Why it so quiet?
Angry Sparrow: Yeh, why?
Tragic Plum: I feel like DINNER, but... *I'm* not hungry... oooooh...





Gavreau had a message for Shulamith, with a tempting offer for her services:


Message for Shulamith



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