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Posted September 8, 2006 by Gav




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Shulamith, I mentioned that I had a bit of pertinent information which you might be interested in, regarding a certain third party ...



And as I said before, I know I don't have a lot of material things to offer you...



But... I believe that you have enough to offer for BOTH of us... and I like the way you think.



So... if you have a bit of free time this weekend, perhaps for dinner and a VERY good Spanish roja that I have had stashed away, maybe you would like to go over some business. An exchange of information. We'll take care of the business first, of course.


Fond regards,

Etienne Gavreau




My but thatís a fine offer >>> ††posted by Shulamith on September 9, 2006


And I can find the time for you. Most thoughtful of you to want to take care of business BEFORE you get me drunk -- else who knows what you'll have me agreeing to. *smirk*


Just name the time and place, Babyface --




The weekly theme was Asian, and two of my kids strutted their stuff:


This is for the Asian theme



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