Something wicked -- eh, you know the rest...

Posted October 26, 2007 by galatia9 and beamlette




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Hiro: That's MY seat.

Varius: Funny, you don't seem to be IN it.

Hiro: Well, it's mine nevertheless. And you are WAY too close to Fenchurch.



Varius: I was thinking the same thing about YOU.

Fenchurch: *shoos Varius' hand away* Take a hike.



Fenchurch: Hiro, don't bother with him. He's just trying to get a rise out of you.

Hiro: I know I shouldn't admit it, but it's working.

Fenchurch: Really, it's not worth it.



Fenchurch: Besides, he knows better than to try anything with ME.

Hiro: I can't help it. He's constantly prowling.

Fenchurch: It's what he DOES.



Varius: You can't be with her all the time, boy. I have more opportunity than YOU do.

Fenchurch: That's what YOU think.

Hiro: Don't call me BOY.

Varius: How sadly deluded you children are.




Fenchurch: He's just playing mind games with you, Hiro. Planting insecurities. It's one thing he's good at.

Hiro: I'm afraid to ask what OTHER things he's good at.

Fenchurch: I have a stronger will than he's used to dealing with. And don't forget, a bodyguard too. I couldn't be safer... unless YOU were with me all the time.



Eventually, and unexpectedly they do get some quality time together…


A Horse Story



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