Alone time... take two?

(Hiro and Fenchurch, and unfortunately company)

Posted October 25, 2007 by galatia9 and beamlette




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Fenchurch: Well, it's not totally private, but at least we found two seats together...

Hiro: It's okay, I know JUST the way to block out the rest of the world...

Fenchurch: Mmmm, I bet you do... *sighh*



Luke: Uh oh... I just don't get it.

Ulf: Don' get what?

Luke: It's not like he told me, I guess...

Ulf: He's too CWOSE!



Luke: Huh??

Ulf: Hiwo, he's too CWOSE to Fen'urch! I can't WOOK!



Luke: Hiro, you told me girls give you cooties!

Hiro: Wha--??

Luke: You told me girls give you cooties, and here you are KISSING one!

Hiro: No, this is different! It's Fenchurch! If it's a girl you LIKE, it's okay.

Ulf: Okay???



Ulf: It's NOT okay, you big meanie! I don' want you givin' Fen'urch no cooties! *pounds on Hiro*

Hiro: Why, you little %^$%!#$%!!

Luke: I don't know, Hiro, I think you have a THING for Fenchurch or something!



Fenchurch: Ulf, now you stop! Hiro is my friend, and you can't just go pounding on him! I like him!

Luke: Yeah, I guess you sure DO.

Ulf: Don' you be lettin' him give you no cooties!



Luke: Come on, Ulf, I can't watch any more either. Let's leave 'em alone.

Ulf: If she comes home with Hiwo cooties, I'm gonna go GET 'im!



Hiro: *sighh* Are we EVER going to have some real time alone?

Fenchurch: Not this weekend, apparently.



Hiro: Oh well, I guess we'll just have to be philosophical about it. Like ALWAYS.

Fenchurch: Hiro, I don't care where we are or what we're doing... as long as I can be with you. Our time will come.

Hiro: I just hope it will be in THIS lifetime.



Luke: Ulf, I think Avenyon has some candy to put in your pumpkin.

Ulf: Don' WANT no candy! I wanna do some POUNDIN'!



Sanar: The only thing pounding around here is my eardrums.



A certain vampire took to lurking in Hiro and Fenchurch’s proximity…


Something wicked -- eh, you know the rest...



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