Is possession nine tenths of the law?

Posted October 24, 2007 by galatia9 and beamlette




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Luke: Hey! That's my brand new car!

Ulf: Nuh uh! I finded it!

Luke: I just set it down for a minute! It belongs to me!



Ulf: Finders keepers!

Luke: Finders KEEPERS?? Linda JUST bought it for me! It's the Mach 5! And it's brand new!



Ulf: MINE! I finded it!

Luke: Oh, come on! You KNOW it's mine! You saw me carrying it!

Ulf: NO! MINE! Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!



Ulf: No no no no no no no!!

Luke: *grumble*

Fenchurch: Uh oh, I should have known...



Fenchurch: Ulf, honey, you know that's Luke's Mach 5.

Ulf: NO! You said I can do finders keepers!

Fenchurch: Finders keepers is only if you find something that doesn't belong to anyone already.



Fenchurch: And you know that's Luke's, because you saw he had it earlier, when he came in.

Ulf: But I WIKE it!

Fenchurch: Well, Luke likes it too. It's a brand new present that he just got. How would you like it if someone else took away a new present I just gave you?



Ulf: *snif* I wouldn't wike it.

Fenchurch: Of course you wouldn't. You don't want Luke to be unhappy, do you? When it's his present?

Ulf: *snif* Well...

Fenchurch: Now you give it back to him, honey. If you're nice, maybe he'll share for a while. But only if you're a GOOD little boy and share your things too.



Ulf: Here's your Mach 5 back...

Luke: Thanks, Fenchurch.

Fenchurch: That's a good boy, Ulf. Thank you.



Luke: I don't mind sharing, but he shouldn't have just TOOK it.

Fenchurch: He's still learning, Luke. But thanks for trying to explain it to him.



Fenchurch: Ulf, why don't you go get some of your toys, and you and Luke can sit down together and play?
Ulf: *grumble* Okay...



Hiro: That little $%$#!$%^!&...

Fenchurch: Hiro, he's just a little kid. He's learning. Besides, I'm sure YOU were a perfect little boy when you were his age... *chuckle*

Hiro: I WAS.



Ulf: Ain't no way I'm sittin' down wif a meanie like YOU!



What Ulf wants, Ulf doesn’t necessarily get on his own terms. Meantime, Hiro and Fenchurch were routed from their first choice of privacy, and here they try again for a cozy moment –


Alone time... take two?



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