Off The Beaten Path...

 (Yoshi/Owen photostory, img heavy, NWS/NKS)

Posted October 16, 2007




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Owen Chevalier: *to self* So this is the place…



pretty ordinary. Maybe for now, pretty safe…



… Guess I’ll make myself decent for whoever answers the door…



Owen: I’m here to see Yoshi Murakami, if he’s available. Tell him Owen Chevalier’s asking after him, would you, please?

Oona: Oh… does he know you?

Owen: From university, hon. I’ll just wait outside for him, if that’s all right.

Oona: If you don’t mind. I’ll go check with him.




Fenchurch One: Well, Yoshi… we’ve been waiting a long time for you…

Fenchurch Two: Yes… sooo long…

Fenchurch Three: We want to make you happy… so happy…



Yoshi: I believe it, ladies… mmmmm

Fenchurch One: Yes… relax… and we’ll do the rest…



Fenchurch One: Mmm, YoshiYoshi… YOSHI…!



Yoshi: Ahhhh!!! What the – Oona! Don’t just barge in on a guy when he’s resting! What the hell is it?

Oona: Sorry – you didn’t look asleep  to me. You have a visitor at the front door, an Owen Chevalier from school, to see you. Thought you might like to know!

Yoshi: Owen? What the hell -- *groan*. I’ll be out in a minute.

Oona: He’s waiting just outside on the patio for you, his suggestion.

Yoshi: Damn thoughtful of him *grumble*.



Yoshi: So – what do I owe for this little social call? You interrupted some important business, so it’d better be good.

Owen: Well, well, your highness – must’ve got up on the wrong side of the futon this afternoon. I was concerned about you, is all. An old friend’s allowed some concern for a pard, don’cha think?

Yoshi: Whatever. Let’s talk outside here, then.



Owen: I understand your looking for a place out of the way, ‘til things cool down. Shame, though, you’re missing another  semester of school…

Yoshi: Your concern is touching. Right now it’s not my priority. Maybe later.



Owen: Looks like your face healed pretty well after that little misunderstanding with Jake. It was one of his lighter jobs, though. You may not be so lucky next time, depending on how you provoke him --

Yoshi: Uh-huh. Tell me something I don’t know.



Owen: Seriously – I’m not that keen to have to tell your next of kin when you push that proverbial envelope –

Yoshi: I didn’t ask you to be my keeper. I’ll be fine. I’m just here to cool off, figure a new angle. Jake won’t be so ready to pound me, then.



Owen: You’d be better off just getting off this merry-go-round, instead. You know it, deep down –

Yoshi: Look, Owen, it’s damn swell of you to care, but I never asked you to. It’s my problem, and with a little time, I can figure it out and fix things. I just need time –



Yoshi: Oh – hey, Fenchurch, Winslow.

Fenchurch: Hey there, Yoshi! Nice day to hang outside, isn’t it?

Yoshi: Uh-huh – you’re welcome to join us –

Fenchurch: Thanks – but we’ve got a killer exam to study for tomorrow – sorry!

**Win and Fen go inside**



Owen: Back to what I was saying –

Yoshi: Yeah… sure… let’s continue this conversation another time… ‘kay?...



Owen: *to self* My mistake – he ain’t safe HERE, either -- !



Yep, Yoshi sure has his weaknesses, doesn’t he?


Fenchurch, Kenzo, Persephone, Varius, Hibou and Ulf got to go to Oregon in mid-October, the result of which is this series of little misadventures… starting with:


Is possession nine tenths of the law?



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