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Posted October 14, 2007




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Winslow: Y’know, Fen, you’ve been pretty happy lately. Don’t know why I noticed that. I mean, it’s not like you’re ever really sad or gloomy; you’re always upbeat more than not. But there’s just something – um, different, you know what I mean?

Fenchurch: Funny you should say that; I noticed something myself. Not anything really big, but – just like some bit of shadow is gone or something. I feel good, really. Which isn’t a bad thing, y’know. *smile*

Winslow: Also, I‘ve noticed olTivadar hasn’t been hangin’ around – what’s up with that, you think?

Fenchurch: Good question…



**Tivadar suddenly appears**

Tivadar: Mistress Fenchurch, I kneel before you in humble acknowledgement that I have fallen down in my duty to protect you. Please do accept my explanation, though I blame you not if you wish to flog me.

Winslow: Yeah, we wondered where you’d gotten to, after all those vows of servitude. You’ve been AWOL.

Fenchurch: Hey Tivadar, you can sit down here and tell me. Like Win says, we’d been wondering, but I don’t think it’ll be necessary to beat it out of you!



Tivadar: I am most grateful for your mercy, Mistress Fenchurch… what is this word – “AWOL” – mean?

Winslow: Means you went off without permission – you didn’t clear it with the boss here!

Tivadar: This is so.

Fenchurch: Haha! But I’m more curious why and where  you went – so please tell us all about it.



Tivadar: I am not a storyteller. Action is my suit, so it will be simple. I was called to meet with another of your incarnations, a ninja  in Nippon of old.

Winslow: That explains the get-up. Pretty cool, Fen – you’ve sure been some scary dudes in centuries past, haven’t you?

Fenchurch: Wow… that explains why I felt so comfortable using that wakizashi  when Mercedez was teaching me to use a sword last year. So, I gather you learned some things from him, then? I mean, since you’re wearing a ninja outfit, and carrying a nice wakizashi  yourself now.



Tivadar: Yes… I have found it most interesting. Their stealth made me feel as an ox pulling a plow. I am most grateful for the lessons of Aoki Hisashige.

Winslow: So now we’ll see even less of you, since you’ll know better how to sneak around – pretty cool.

Tivadar: This word “sneaking” -- I do not like the sound of it. Miserable little creatures of the earth may “sneak”, but not a warrior.

Fenchurch: It depends, if sneaking can save your life, and beat the other guy. Anyway, don’t let Win’s comments bother you. I’m kinda glad to see you again, not that I’m in any danger or anything. Anyway, it’s getting late – time for bed *yawn*.





Fenchurch: Whoa! Who’s in MY bed?

Tivadar: Who is it that disturbs the rest of Fenchurch of Amick – show yourself!



Follow Oh… don’t be frightened. I’m just another tiny part of you, Fenchurch. I… was tired… I’ve been in bed all day. This being physical is very wearing business… I don’t know how Fabien does it…

Fenchurch: Believe me, we don’t know how she does it, either. Guess that’s what being mean does for you – lots of energy!

Tivadar: She is beyond the gods’ reckoning, that queen of demons *shudder*.



Fenchurch: Somehow this is sounding familiar – am I correct in guessing that you are a SAD part of me – and that’s why I feel so good lately?

Follow: Yes…  I deal with sorrow… my name is… Follow.

Fenchurch: Follow?

Follow: Yes… *sad little laugh*… you know how in old colonial-era manuscripts S’s look like f’s? Well… I am Sorrow… with an f



Fenchurch: Hahaha! Oh, sorry, but that sounded so funny – or maybe SUNNY in your case? Hahaha!

Tivadar: Already I feel a pall on my soul – what is this that you can laugh, Mistress?

Fenchurch: Oh Tivadar – I forget how things get lost in translation for you. Not to mention how not even parts of me can understand other parts. You really shouldn’t be surprised by now. The spatial anomaly Hiro is always talking about coughs up yet another oddity. And for now we are stuck with her. How bad could it be?

Tivadar: I do not wish to speculate, Mistress. Tis a feeling, naught more. *frowns*



Fenchurch: Well, it’s getting late –move over, Follow, I’ve got school in the morning. G’night!

Follow: Yes… sleep… dream… night… zzzzzzzz




Fenchurch: Morning, Win. This is Follow.

Winslow: Yeah, she’s following  you all right. Why? Don’t tell me, this another one of those spin-offs of yours?

Fenchurch: Yup. She’s why you thought I was more cheerful than usual.



Winslow: Just looking at her, ANYONE else would be more cheerful!

Follow: I’m… just a sad part of Fenchurch, is all… No one is happy… all the time.

Fenchurch: Don’t be too hard on her, Win. Maybe being out with everyone else, she’ll pick up a new way of thinking.

Winslow: Or take us all down with her.

Tivadar: I share your sentiment, Master Winslow. We shall all drown in those pools that are her eyes.



Fenchurch: Don’t exaggerate, Tivadar. You make her sound as bad as Fabien, in her own way –

**enter Fabien**

Fabien: Someone bandying my name around in conversation? Not that I mind. There’s that dishy Tiv, with some new togs, ala style Japonaise. Lookin’ good… oh sh*t, is THAT who I think it is? **points at Follow**

Follow: Hello, Fabien… it’s been… a while, hasn’t it?

Fabien: Not long enough! Not enough Prozac in the world to put you away *snarl*.



Follow: Now, now, Fabien… I never meant you any harm…

Fabien: But you never did me any good, either – why d’you think I wanted OUT of Miss Angel there? Besides her goody ways, I couldn’t stand your moping! Bein’ depressed is for suckers, and I’m not that!

Tivadar: And what you do is not sucking? Pulling the life out of a man -- *shudder*

Fabien: Only what they deserve. Hey, I don’t KILL like you do!

Tivadar: It appears I am the more merciful.



Fabien: Well, I’d LOVE to argue semantics with you all day – NOT! Gotta find where my little babushka  is hiding himself. Reminds me of you, Follow – except he yelps SO well! Ta! **exits**



Winslow: Not my favorite way to spend a morning. Makes school seem like a picnic. We’d better get going, Fen.

Fenchurch: Sure, Win. You’ll be okay here, Follow, won’t you?

Follow: Oh… that is… so kind of you… to worry about me…

Winslow: It’s the others around here I’D be worried about!

Fenchurch: Win, that’s harsh. You just take it easy, Follow. Go back to bed if you like. I’ll be home this afternoon.

**they exit**

Follow: Good-bye…



**enter Yevgeny**

Yevegeny: Oh – you’re not my Fabien.

Follow: No… no I’m not… though I do know her… *shy smile*  She was looking for you…

Yevgeny: Not hard enough.



**Yev plops down on sofa**

Follow: You are… sad.  I like sadness.

Yevgeny: You do? Hmmmm… yes… you look like the embodiment of sadness. You also look like someone else… so familiar…

Follow: Do I? Someone you… still know?



Yevgeny: Yes…


Yevgeny: Do you… like Russian novels?

Follow: Oh – I DO! Indeed… there is nothing better… for a good bout of sheer misery… than Dostoevsky.



Yevgeny: Come with me, then – um, what is your name?

Follow: It is… Follow…

Yevgeny: *wry smile* Follow  me, then – I’ve plenty in my room.

Follow: And a… bed? I am so weary…

Yevgeny: Oh yes – we can be weary together.

**they exit**




Fabien: Huh – where did my steamy little samovar get to? He’s not THAT hard to figure out…  I’ll check his room again.

**dashes out**



Fabien: Ah-HAH! Makin’ a move on my turf, are you?

Follow: Oh… I wanted to see what it was… you saw in him… there’s not a lot… just enough…

Yevgeny: You still care! I thought you’d thrown me aside, like yesterday’s kasha! Come to me, my bittersweetheart!



**sounds of smooching**

Follow: Well… that was more… like a short story… *sigh*



Oh that Fabien – she’s a hard act to, um, follow… *snerk*.


A little of Yoshi’s other life surfaces in search of him – much to his annoyance –


Off The Beaten Path…



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