Exactly WHY are you here?

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Kazuhiro: Yeah?



Smythe: Hi there -- name is Smythe Leighton. My friend Chance Cusack asked me to bring by a present for a young lady at this house. *smile*
Hiro: Oh, hey. I know about you, from Fenchurch. I'm Tanaka Kazuhiro, her boyfriend, but everyone calls me Hiro. You must be here for Fred, then. I'll go get her. Come on in.



Hiro: I'll be right back. Luke, we'll leave here in a minute, okay?

Luke: Okay.



Smythe: So you're the great General Greebus, then?

Luke: Um... sometimes. But usually I'm Luke. Who are you?

Smythe: A friend of the Jedi Knight. But mostly I'm Smythe. The Knight sends the usual greeting. *nods*

Luke: Um... are you a friend of Fenchurch's then?

Smythe: Uh-huh. She's pretty nice -- and friends with everyone here, isn't she?



Luke: Yup, she is... so I guess you must be okay. *pauses* Um... how come you only have one eye? I have two, and everybody else I know has two.
Smythe: *chuckles* I got in a wrangle with someone from the Dark Side -- and this was how it turned out. A light saber is indeed a weapon, as you can see! Or in my case, not. *wink*
Luke: *eyes wide* Really?? A light saber??
Smythe: M-hm. Don't mess with one unless you really mean it.
Luke: Wow, I won't! I'm not allowed to go near Hiro's wakizashi, or Nai's saber either.



Hiro: Fred will be down in a minute. C'mon, Luke, let's get going.

Luke: Okay. Bye, Smythe!

Smythe: See you later, Luke!



Rachel: Hi, Hiro. Hey, Luke.

Hiro: Hey, Rachel, Fred's been waiting for you. This is Smythe Leighton, he's here to see Fred too. We'll be back later!

Luke: Bye, Rachel!



Rachel: Hello, are you -- oh, oh my!

Smythe: Like the man said, I'm Smythe -- very nice to meet you. I understand you're a friend of Wynnefred's... ah, I think I know why you're a little startled! I'm used to it by now. *smile*

Rachel: I'm... oh, I'm sorry! I mean -- I didn't -- how embarrassing! *blush*

Smythe: No problem, I like to get it out and over with. Just a dumb accident, my fault as much as anything; it happened during a cosplay session. There now, we can go on to other, more interesting topics! Like the whereabouts of your friend. I have something here for her.



Rachel: For Wynnefred? That's nice of you, but... does she know you? I know that I haven't seen you before.

Smythe: No... not yet. But I am a good friend of Chance, which is how I know OF her. I'm up this way visiting relatives, so I thought I'd take advantage of the proximity.

Rachel: But... don't you think this is kind of sudden? I mean, you haven't even been introduced to her! And... does Chance know you're here?



Smythe: Why, yes -- in fact it was HIS idea! About the only thing that could be described as sudden is my coming on this trip, when my cousin who lives here invited me the other day. Ah -- there's that look again -- I've somehow got you blushing once more. My apology!

Rachel: What do you mean, CHANCE's idea?? For you to come up here, unannounced, to meet HIS girlfriend?? I don't know what kind of a fool you take me for, but



Wynnefred: Hello, Smythe, Hiro said you were here to see me!

Smythe: That I am. Bearing gifts -- well, this one, for a lovely young lady.

Wynnefred: For me?



Rachel: Huh?? Fred, what are you doing?? This guy is giving me some kind of STORY

Smythe: I have no story -- just the facts, ma'am.

Rachel: Wynnefred, aren't you wondering why HE'S giving you presents, when he KNOWS Chance is your boyfriend??

Wynnefred: *giggles* Rachel, look! The card says it from Chance, not Smythe! What are you thinking??

Rachel: What?? Oh, no...

Wynnefred: *laughs*



Wynnefred: Thank you, Smythe! If you'll excuse me for just a minute, I want to go call Chance right now!



Smythe: Now I understand! That would be pretty rotten of me, to waltz in expecting to steal Fred's affections from my best mate.

Rachel: And I've put my foot in my mouth TWICE now. Smythe, I'm... I'm really sorry. I guess I owe you another apology. *blush*

Smythe: Don't be too hard on yourself, Rachel. You're just being a good friend to Fred, watching out for her, is all. But -- if you say yes to going out to a movie with me -- your choice -- we can call it even.

Rachel: Well... I... I guess we can at least do THAT. All right...



Smythe: *to self* Either way, I'm a lucky, lucky guy...



Smythe continues working his magic in:


Chances are...



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