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Posted September 26, 2007




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Yoshi: Don’t be a nag; I’ll go back when I’m ready.

Kenzo: Yeah, considering your reasoning, I won’t hold my breath – hey, Fen. Didn’t mean to interrupt.

Fenchurch: No problem, I’m almost done here. Hi, Yoshi – how’re you doing?

Yoshi: Oh, I’m good… and you? How’s the hand doing?



Fenchurch: Real good – it’s just a little red scar, as you’ve seen.

Yoshi: Yes… hmmm… and no problems writing now, or anything else when you use that hand?

Fenchurch: No, it’s doing OK. Good thing there’s computers, though. We’ve already got essays to do for British Lit.



Yoshi: M-hm – like what?

Fenchurch: This one’s about Beowulf -- we have to explain why we think it’s continued to interest readers for over a thousand years – besides English teachers!

Yoshi: And the new movie hasn’t opened yet, so that’s no help. *smile*

Fenchurch: Hahaha! You could write one on how  the movie doesn’t follow the original – or why!



Yoshi: No kidding – though there’s plenty of violence IN the original already!

Fenchurch: But they’ll have to add a love interest – probably Beowulf having a fling with Queen Wealhtheow or something! *snicker*

Yoshi: Wonder if Hrothgar knows about that!

Kenzo: *aside* Unferth will probably tell him…



Yoshi: Did you say something, Kenzo?

Kenzo: Not really.



Fenchurch: Well, I’m done here for now. Nice talking with you, Yoshi. Kenzo.

Yoshi: Sure. You too, Fenchurch. You have a good sense of humor. Maybe we can all check out the Beowulf  movie when it comes out – see if our guesses were on the money.

Fenchurch: Haha! Yes, that could be fun. We’ll see. **exits**



Kenzo: And who’ll make up that “we”, Yoshi?

Yoshi: Hm? Oh – you, me, Fenchurch, whoever else wants to come along –

Kenzo: I have the feeling you’ll purposely keep the group small.

Yoshi: Will I? What are you getting at?



Kenzo: You know.

Yoshi: Tell me – what is it we both know, then?

Kenzo: You’re interested in Fenchurch, aren’t you?



Yoshi: And how did you arrive at that deduction, Sherlock?

Kenzo: Duh! You stare at her all the time whenever you’re in the same room, and watch her go out every time. You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to notice.

Yoshi: And your problem with this? I thought you had a girlfriend – that Kaida you write to.

Kenzo: Well, in case you hadn’t heard – or chosen NOT to – Fen has a boyfriend. She doesn’t need you following her about.



Yoshi: So… she has a boyfriend… no surprise, I’d say. After all, she’s good-looking… smart… unpretentious. Someone at school with you all?

Kenzo: No. But I’m friends with him, and I don’t think he’d appreciate your sniffing about. Or Fen. Save yourself and everyone else a lot of trouble, and don’t get any more ideas about her.

Yoshi: Last time I heard, it was still a free country, no thought police yet. You worry too much. Besides, things can change.

Kenzo: Don’t count on it.



Yoshi: Everything changes, eventually. I’m in no hurry.

Kenzo: *to self* Oh yeah – you  are proof of that.



What is it about wanting what you can’t have?


Smythe pays a visit under false pretenses in:


Exactly WHY are you here?



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