Chances are…

Posted September 30, 2007 by beamlette and galatia9




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Smythe: So, Rachel... how did you like the movie?

Rachel: Th- the movie? Oh, it was fine.

Smythe: I'm glad you chose it. Was it what you expected?

Rachel: Well, yes... and no.



Smythe: No?

Rachel: Well... um... I really enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I don't usually like James Bond.

Smythe: *smiles* Rachel... it wasn't James Bond.

Rachel: Huh?

Smythe: Nooo... it was Jason Bourne. "The Bourne Ultimatum". Weren't you wondering why Matt Damon was in it?



Rachel: Matt Damon was in it?

Smythe: *chuckles* Sure he was.

Rachel: Oh... oh, I guess I thought it was James Bond because of all the world travel in it... you must think I'm awfully silly. *blush*

Smythe: No, not at all... far from it...



Smythe: You know, Rachel, I've travelled a lot. All around the world.

Rachel: You... have?

Smythe: I have indeed. I'm very glad my brother and sister and I came to America, but... do you know where I'd love to be right now?

Rachel: Wh- where?

Smythe: Right where I am...



Smythe: Are you glad I'm here too?

Rachel: I... I guess so.

Smythe: I know I am, for certain sure. It was a lucky chance I saw you and that -- er... that I was able to help out my best mate Chance at the same time. Don't you think?

Rachel: I think...





Smythe: What...?

Rachel: I think... it was a very lucky chance...

Smythe: I'm very glad to hear that...



Smythe: *to self* And I'm very glad I make my own luck...



Yoshi does prove useful in assisting with E’Clair’s blessed event, however –


And *Bebe* Makes *Trois*



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